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We connect you with a network of interior designers who will work with you in-person on any type of home design project, from styling to staging, renovations to decorations.

For $99 you receive multiple concept boards from designers interested in your project. They will outline their process and basic recommendations for your space. Choose who you'd like to work with and have one in-person meeting with them to discuss the project in more detail.

From there, get a recommended plan of action from your designer and continue working with them on an hourly basis ($100/hour) to take care of all your design, shopping, and implementation needs.

01.Go through our style brief

  • Let us know what your style preferences are, your design experience, and what exactly you want for your project (home or office)

02.Choose who you'd like to work with

  • Over the course of seven days, you will receive between 3 and 5 (sometimes more) concept boards with personal introductions from our local designers interested in your project
  • Ask the designers questions and view their portfolios

03.Meet with your designer in-person

  • Schedule time to meet with your designer in your home for one hour to get to know them better and discuss your project in more depth
  • If schedules don't allow for an in-person meeting we encourage a Skype or Facetime video chat instead
  • After your in-person meeting, your designer will put together a recommended set of deliverables and estimated hours required to complete your project
  • Buy a bundle of recommended hours to take your project from theory to practice!
  • Designer hours are priced at $100/hour


  • Continue the discussion with your designer on the InteriorCrowd platform, share pictures and ideas, and start building your shopping list for what you need and want in your space
  • Receive updated product lists based on your feedback


  • Purchase all items recommended by your designer in your own time or, choose to have your designer purchase everything and install it for you
Who are the designers?

Our designers are talented professionals from all over the country. They are chosen to design for InteriorCrowd based on a combination of factors like portfolio, awards and raw talent.

What do I get for $99?

● Multiple concept boards from designers interested in your project so that you can choose who you’d like to work with

● One in-person meeting with your favorite designer to discuss project in more detail

I only want one or two new things. Is this for me?

Yes! Put all this information in your brief and designers will be able to help you regardless of how big or small your project is.

How many designers will I get to choose from?

Each project usually receives 3-5 concept boards from designers but some projects do get more.

How does the style profile work?

The style profile was created in collaboration with our designers as a fun and easy way to figure out how best to style an amazing new space for you. Most people don’t stick to one style, and the profile takes this into account.

What can my designer help me with?

Your designer will look at your brief and assess what needs to be done in your space. They can help you with anything from decor updates (e.g. helping you choose color palettes/paint selections, furniture, lighting, window treatments, accessories/art) to larger renovations (e.g. demolition and/or construction, flooring, etc).