About us

What we do

InteriorCrowd is a fun and approachable interior design service created for today’s busy lifestyle. For our clients, we are harnessing the power of the crowd to create inspired and more affordable interior spaces that reflect you and your best self. For our designers, we are creating a platform and vibrant community where talent and creativity can shine. For our team, we are building a supportive company culture that provides value to all of its stakeholders and focuses on giving back to its community.

The story

Like so many companies, InteriorCrowd started from a personal pain point. Why was interior design so hard? Why did it cost so much money, take so long, and cause so much friction between me and my husband? When we moved into the home which we knew would be our home for the next twenty years, we wanted it to be just right. However, we could not seem to agree on anything. We were left with the choice to either hire an interior designer or talk to a marriage counselor. Read more

We chose to hire an interior designer. And, while she had great ideas, the process was so painful. No transparency on pricing. No clarification on time-lines. A constant push to buy the most expensive, custom products (that we didn't need and which were always delivered wrong). A full twelve months later, we were left with an unfinished house, several beautiful pieces, and significantly less money on the checkbook. Has we chosen wrong? Not done our homework? My husband and I are both entrepreneurs... surely we couldn't have be duped. Then I realized that the process itself is simply broken.

I thought there had to be a better way.

That was the genesis of InteriorCrowd, and that is our mission. Our spaces inspire our lives: if we wake up in a space that feels safe, comfortable, and ours - then we feel at home. And we at InteriorCrowd believe that great design does not have to be costly and inaccessible.

We are partners of the industry. We are building a platform to connect, not dis-intermediate. Everywhere you look, there is inspiration - an overwhelming amount of it. Our goal is to be the bridge between the inspiration that you see and the space that you need. Our designers are the lifeblood of what we do. They inspire us. And, we humbly do our best to provide them with the best platform, the best tools, and the best support, so that they can do their best work. For you. Read less
Our designers

InteriorCrowd facilitates the design process and makes it much simpler for interior designers to communicate their ideas to their clients. But InteriorCrowd would not exist without our designers, who have played a key role in developing the product and brand.

We keep in touch with our designers on a daily basis and host get-togethers so that they in turn, can meet each other.

Andrea Faucett

I believe in healthy, contemporary and custom environments. The goal is to create a peaceful invigorating atmosphere to meet my clients’ needs.

Jackie Mendez

I love the mixture of textures and contrast in colors infused with a modern twist a great way to create timeless design. My perfect retreat would be a Modern Farmhouse.

Jolene Lindner

I enjoy adapting to the client’s style preferences, but have a tendency towards a transitional style; finding the balance between masculine & feminine, modern & traditional.

Job opportunities

We’re always interested in meeting new people who are excited about the sweet spot where design and technology overlap. If you’d like to get involved, reach out!
Email us at hello@interiorcrowd.com