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Jackie Mendez

I love the mixture of textures and contrast in colors infused with a modern twist ­ a great way to create timeless design. My perfect retreat would be a Modern Farmhouse.

Andrea Faucett

I believe in healthy, contemporary and custom environments. The goal is to create a peaceful yet invigorating atmosphere to meet my client’s needs.

Jolene Lindner

I enjoy adapting to the client’s style preferences, but have a tendency towards a transitional style; finding the balance between masculine & feminine, modern & traditional.

Serena Zanello

Merging the world of art, design and architecture, Serena’s work is known for its artistic glamour, creative and innovative vision.

Julia Cavallaro

"I love to create simple and livable spaces. I believe that every project and every design element is unique, and should cater to your lifestyle."

Oana Boghiu

“I would describe my design style as retro­inspired, clean, modern, chic ­ with sense of color, adapting it to the client’s preferences.”

Amy Beaupre

I have a passion for creating cheerful, inspiring interiors filled with personality and soul. Life is better when you love your space!

Sandra Febres

Design should be a fun and rewarding experience. I love working with various textures and colors to unify and create excitement.

Amy Anderson

Amy’s inventive approach to design focuses on the simple, but often overlooked notion that a home should reflect the personality of the people living in it.

Gabriela Chavez

Color will never go out of style, so we should never fear using it in design. A space should always tell a story about those who dwell there.

Josie Biteng

Passionate about modern design, Josie creates charming, functional spaces that fulfill the needs of the client and complement their unique style.

Heather Brents

Using a holistic approach that includes the five senses, Heather designs fresh, intentional spaces to fuel rest, creativity, and fun.

Mercedes Maroni

Mercedes’ design principles are based on creating interiors that are functional and aesthetically charismatic and attractive.

Imani Mapp

When designing, the objective is to create a space filled with interesting items that tells a story or starts conversations.

Agustin Sanders

Agustin's style is a merge between classic baroque style, fashion design, pop and street culture with a blast of color.

Sandrine Lebas

I specialize in creative yet affordable solutions for small urban spaces; modern, efficient and smart designs for your interior comfort.

Amanda Bogner

My casual, yet chic style has my clients always coming back for more. I love creating spaces that are sophisticated, but still livable.

Jacqueline Moy

My style is whimsical and contemporary. I blend disparate elements to create unique environments.

Julianne Malnick

Blending architecture, materiality & color, Julianne creates timeless environments that are distinctive and practical.

Ashley Jenkins

As an artist, I give my clients beauty - a space to look at and admire. As a designer, I give them a place to live.

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Client stories

Ruth’s Story

When Ruth and Tommy moved to SF from South Africa, they had to be choosy about what they could bring with them and what had to be left behind. Grizzle the Jack Russel obviously made the top of the list, but many of their other belongings remained in Cape Town. IC designer Imani helped them find exactly what they needed to pull their home together.

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Justine’s Story

As a busy mom, wife and business owner, Justine needed some help with her living room when her family moved into a new home. She wanted to keep most of their furniture but desperately needed an easy update to brighten up their favorite room.

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Helene’s Story

Gigi’s playroom redo all started with a vintage hot­air balloon light fixture. When Helene, InteriorCrowd’s creative director, spotted it on Etsy, she knew she wanted to design her daughter’s new space around the one central feature.

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Amanda’s Story

When blogger (Advice from a Twenty Something) moved to San Francisco, she turned to InteriorCrowd to help design her studio apartment into a hip, multi­functioning space.

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Derek’s Story

Derek was tired of his bare apartment, so he came to InteriorCrowd hoping that the designers could make his bachelor pad feel more like home. Our designers jumped on the idea of getting to test the new model and work with Derek in person, & soon enough, Helene and Derek became a redesign dream team.

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Karsyn’s Story

Karsyn Dupree is the blogger for BlissBranch, is a place to share her musical endeavors, lifestyle tips, road trips, fashion tricks, and enthusiasm for sustainable living through our plant-based lifestyle. She collaborated with InteriorCrowd to turn her Nashville bedroom into a bright and comfortable place to relax and get creative.

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Pam’s Story

Pam came to InteriorCrowd with a redesign project for her multi-purpose room. "This is our front room, kind of like a foyer, but much larger, so I would like it to be pretty.” Because she works from home, Pam needed a room that could function as an office as well as a playroom for her toddler.

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