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Designers We Love: Kara Theresa

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
January 6, 2016

When you want to get a good dose of design inspiration for your home, Instagram can come in handy. Those long, before-bed social media sessions can actually be quite productive when you are following inspirational people.   We often talk about a designer’s eye for beauty and design, and photo resources like Instagram literally take us into what they are seeing.

Kara Theresa is one of those inspiring designers we want to share with you. Here at InteriorCrowd, we are loving what this woman is doing, and we know you will too. You just might be inspired with the beautiful work she is sharing with the world.

Kara Theresa is an interior designer from Virginia who graces us with her stunning Instagram account full of incredible home (and lifestyle) inspiration. Her natural eye for aesthetics was combined with schooling from Virginia Tech’s Environments & Design Program and experience with design firms along the east coast.

I had the lovely opportunity to ask her a few questions about her work, and she shared a beautiful explanation of interior design: “Contrary to what most people think, it is not just the pretty stuff. Interior design is the story behind my client’s space. It starts with the shell, the architectural elements, and is further enhanced by lighting, materials, furnishings and personal belongings. Interior design is the collaboration between myself and my client to achieve a personalized environment that makes my client feel at home in their space.”

💐 coffee table details | #karatheresa #carycornerliveanddine #alwaysdesign #theirsyoursandmine

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You can see glimpses of that personalized environment when you follow Kara Theresa on Instagram. You will quickly discover her appreciation for clean white, a color that for too long was connected with feelings of harshness and coldness. The pictures you find on this account prove that old theory wrong, especially when juxtaposed by natural plant life. For so long we covered our walls with color, but white is making a glorious comeback. If you are loving this trend like we are, you should follow Kara too!

Aside from that trend, we also see in her photos shelves beautifully styled, the simple grace of a well-placed rug in an entry way, the bright beauty of vibrant flowers in a white vase, an office space that would encourage just about anyone to work, details that make a coffee table special, and a lovely bedroom design anybody would want to see when they first wake up in the morning.

When I asked Kara about other trends she is loving right now, she had two great thoughts. The first was mixed metals. “They are calling it a trend, but I think of it as one way to achieve timeless design. Don’t stick to one finish. Instead, always change it up so you don’t get tired of one metal and want to switch it up in a year.” The second trend was a traditional tabletop. “Traditional dishware is back and I am loving it! I prefer to blend simple, white dishes with detailed, traditional tableware.”

All these lovely, inspirational images are found on Kara Theresa’s Instagram account, which you can follow here.

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