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Warm and Inviting Minimalism

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
August 27, 2015

Minimalism sometimes gets a bad rep as being cold or uninviting. It doesn’t always carry the reputation of being a necessarily warm or welcoming place for family and friends to gather. With the false idea that minimalist homes must have white walls, white furniture, and white decor, people may steer clear in fear of giving of hospital vibes to their beloved home.

But minimalism is so much more than white, white, white. Minimalism is a trend not only found in interior design, but is also something that is infusing into more and more people’s lifestyles. People are sick of the clutter and sick of getting buried in stuff they do not really need, and often do not even want. Instead, they are only purchasing and keeping the things that they truly need or the things they think are genuinely beautiful.

Reflecting that minimalist heart in your home decor does not mean you house will feel cold and uninviting; it simply means your home will only hold what is necessary, either aesthetically or practically. Here are a few ways to keep a minimalist design, but to insure it remains a comfortable place to call home.

Add Wood

Rustic Barstools

Wood provides a natural cozy feeling. Plus, it is an organic material that already holds a minimalist vibe. Add real wood flooring to your hallways or refurbished wood paneling to your living room walls. Utilize a hearty wood table to your dining room design. Or add simple wooden barstools like these from West Elm to your kitchen island.

Let the Light Shine In

Image: Homebunch

There’s something comforting in opening up the blinds and letting the sunshine into your home.  Natural light is a great way to make any home feel more warm and inviting, even with minimal decor. Walls filled with large windows ensure your space receives a brightness that no lamp can compete with.

Find your Favorite Art

Since there will not be too many competing elements in your minimalist design, you can take great care in choosing the single best piece of art to adorn each room.  This artwork will be a focal point. You are not just looking to fill empty space, so it will be a great time to invest in art that you and your family truly cares about.

Play with Color

Image: IKEA

Like mentioned before, when people think minimalism, they typically think of only white. However, there is no reason to avoid adding color to your room with your walls or accent furniture. This minimalist bedroom with peaceful blue walls; white bed, lighting, and tables; and bright yellow accent chair is a perfect example of mixing in color with minimalism design.

Bring in the Greenery

Plants can be an inexpensive way to bring life into any room.   Single plants on a dining or coffee tables or a collection of simple succulents in the kitchen are two great choices. To learn more about great plants to buy in low-light conditions, click here.

Minimalism can be a great choice for your home, a way to let the elements you really love in your design to shine without collecting any extra clutter.  If you are unsure how to keep the cozy vibe in your minimalist space, always remember to reach out to a designer for professional help.



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