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Wanderlust-Worthy Home Decor Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like Exploring

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
August 20, 2015

By Eva Avery for InteriorCrowd

Ignite a spirit of adventure every day with your home décor.  Step into the mind of your favorite adventurous character or icon and decorate like Indiana Jones is your personal interior designer. From wall to floor maps and vintage suitcases to aviator desks, these beautiful designs will inspire the  avid traveler or novice adventurer to embrace a little more daily spontaneity and exploration from home and out into the world. 

(Map; Stars)

Charting your own course

Maps resonate with the weathered traveler, the young explorer, and those daydreaming of far off places. Turning a wall in the study, the living room, or the hallway into a full-sized map creates a bold reminder of the world outside our homes. Pair brown leather furniture with traditional map layouts for a more classic look. For the star-gazer or ocean-lover a wallpaper of sea and sky charts combined with traditional chests will provoke an out-to-sea atmosphere and a sense of discovery. Chart your own course of creative design by choosing a style of map that speaks to the adventurer within, while avoiding generic styles that may be too similar to 4th grade Geography—think Professor Jones in his study, less pop quiz angst.

(Side TableWall)

Pack your bags

Luggage is a universal symbol of travel, hauled by the hands of those leaving and arriving—whether packing suitcases for vacation, the next grand adventure, or a departure into a new chapter of life, these trunks signify experiences to remember and discoveries to come.  Classic suitcases have a history of travel and adventure with every weathered corner and scuff.  With sturdy exteriors these beautiful reminders of the past can by stacked to create a bedside table, compartmentalized in the closet for storage, or purely set out as decoration.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard

While the act of flying or boarding a ship may be nerve racking to some, others will feel right at home in an aviator’s seat or at the helm. Put life into motion with transportation inspired materials and innovative furniture designs. Create an edge of danger and adventure in a room with an aviator wing desk, a propeller coffee table, or a leather pilot’s chair.

Make home a destination

There are no pre-requisites, certificates, or degrees required to be a globe trotter, explorer, or citizen of the world—it can all begin at home. The design options are limitless for this thematic approach to inventing a space that inspires exploration. From the constant jet-setter to the person with the unstamped passport, these wanderlust home decor ideas excite discovery and will transform your home into a destination that is both thought-provoking and breath-taking.

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