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Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
by Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
August 20, 2015

For a while, paint took precedence over wallpaper. But as all design is cyclical, wallpaper is once again at the cutting edge of home décor. Wallpaper can be intimidating, whether or not you opt to hang it yourself or hire a professional. Either way you go, here are some tips and tricks for getting wallpaper just right.

Try it out first.


When you buy online, it can be difficult to determine the exact color and pattern and whether it will look good once it is in your home. Many online retailers offer the option to get a sample sent, but a 10-inch square may not be enough to determine if you can really live with the pattern. Rather than just guessing and living with it whether or not you like the effect, try it out first. Buy just one roll of wallpaper and hang it from the floor to the ceiling temporarily using blue painter’s tape, to see if you like it enough to buy more. You can even angle a mirror so that the paper reflects onto another wall; so that you now have two walls to determine whether or not you can live with your choice.

Make it affordable.

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If you can afford it, hiring a professional to hang your wallpaper is often the way to go. They will sometimes even move furniture out of the way and will likely get the job much more quickly and efficiently than you can. Professional wallpaper is usually priced according to labor and the installer will also be better able to tell you how much you need to buy. You’ll want to err on the side of caution and buy more because it can take a while to order an extra roll should you need it. Also, ordering more at a later time may mean the paper is from a different batch and different dye job. So you could end up having a corner of your dining room that doesn’t match the rest of the walls.

If you don’t want to hang it yourself, there are other ways to save money with wallpaper. You don’t have to wallpaper every room in the house. Bathrooms especially can suffer as the steam from showers and baths causes wallpaper to peel off the walls. You don’t even need to paper every wall in a room. Hanging paper on just one wall, that doesn’t have window or doors, can have a great effect. Or get creative and do opposing walls.

Consider your lifestyle.


Metallic finishes can add a touch of glam to a vintage home or bring some texture into a modern room. However, metallic finishes also scratch easily so they may not be the best option if you have kids. Super-matte finishes also tend to show marks easily and soft textures get dusty and should be vacuumed.

Vintage and actual mid-century modern homes may not be suitable for wallpaper if they have crooked walls and floors that will showcase seams that won’t be even as a result of the crookedness.

As noted above, bathrooms and other moist areas: like the kitchen sink and stove, may not be great for wallpaper as the steam can cause the glue to release.

Follow these tips and your wallpaper will be a welcome addition to your home décor.

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