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Tips for Hanging a Gallery Wall

Cie-Kay Lam for InteriorCrowd
by Cie-Kay Lam for InteriorCrowd
October 21, 2015

A gallery wall can be an art piece in itself. It is your opportunity to create a piece that will enhance your living space and serve as a form of your personal creative expression. We spoke with some of the interior designers within our network about what to consider when hanging a gallery wall and came up with the tips below.


Be Patient

Your gallery wall is only as good as the art that composes it. To ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your gallery wall, you should appreciate each piece that hangs on your wall. You can source these items from various places ranging from high-end shops to flea markets. It might take some time to accumulate enough art pieces that you like to create a full gallery wall so patience is important. Allow your gallery to slowly come together as you collect stellar pieces. This will be worth the wait in the long run when you’re looking at a gallery wall that you love.


Visual Balance

When combining your pieces together, ensure that you’re striking a visual balance with your gallery. While gallery walls include a variety of pieces, they are all chosen with care. Creating a visual balance can be done in a variety of ways. One of the easiest ways is to stick with the same medium of art, such as prints, to ensure they all match each other. Another way to creating a good balance is sticking to a similar color palette between pieces and then branching out to other pieces that emanate similar ideas. You can also create a unified image by using the same frames for all your art pieces or choosing a few matching styles. Don’t forget to leave space between each art piece when putting it up so it doesn’t look cluttered. Our interior designers recommend about three inches of space.


Mix it Up

Don’t be afraid to include alternative pieces to art in your gallery wall. A gallery wall can include a variety of items. You can include multiple mirrors, clocks, and signs.


Plan It Out

There are a few ways that you can plan out your gallery wall to ensure that it will look its best when it’s actually hung up on your wall. Take the time to visualize and test-drive your design before officially hanging it up. This will save you time and effort later on if you find that you dislike the layout after you’ve secured your gallery wall. You can do this by laying out your art pieces on the floor and replicating what you intend to put on your wall. Next trace each piece out on a piece of paper and plot it on your wall. At this point you can adjust the layout as desired. If you’re satisfied and ready to commit, secure the art pieces onto your wall.
Have Fun and Be Creative

In the end, the process of hanging your gallery wall should be enjoyable. Don’t overthink or overcomplicate it. Let your creative juices flow and have some fun!


The tips above will help give you a good idea of what to do when hanging your gallery wall. The easiest way to ensure your gallery wall works best for your space is to get a professional’s eye on your project. InteriorCrowd is an affordable and simple way to help you get started.

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