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Tips For Designing A Cozy Dark Bedroom

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
October 28, 2015

Our bedrooms become our little dens where we can hole up and find some peace and quiet – even if for a few hours each night. How we choose do design them will set the mood of our sleep and rest. In contrast to the bright cheerful white of say a minimalist design enters the trend of a dark bedroom – think gothic romance novel meets modern style sensibilities.  Totally winning combo!

Do not for one second think these dark bedrooms are depressing, overbearing, or macabre! On the contrary, they just might be the best place to hibernate for a while each and every day. Our designers at InteriorCrowd love to play around with fantastic and interesting design options and would love to share some tips on how to make a dark bedroom look chic, mysterious, moody, and entirely romantic in your own home.

Be Brave With Your Paint

Since white walls are still making such a huge splash in home design, we might fear fully plunging into dark walls. Here is the deal: Do not fear dark colors when choosing paint! Dark walls can make such an impactful statement in a way lighter color paint never can. The walls act as art themselves.

Dip Your Toe

If you are worried about making a paint decision you might regret later, know that it is okay to take it slowly. Try painting one focal wall first, probably the wall your bed rests against. If you fall in love, keep going! If you are satisfied where it is, great! If you are not so fond of the statement wall, you only have to re-cover one small space!

Consider Many Different Color Options


When choosing the dark colors for your bedroom, black can be a great, chic choice. But you should also consider deep navy blues or darkened hunter greens, or even a rich purple that can be mistaken for a cool black in the right light.  These colors will bring extra interesting qualities to your space.

Think About Your Door

Room and Board
Room and Board

If you have chosen to paint all of the walls in your bedroom black or another fabulous dark color, consider painting the door and doorframe as well. A bright white door can stand out too much and dampen the moody mood.  Keep the lighter elements to items such as……

Make Sure To Add In a Few Lighter Elements

Design Sponge
Design Sponge

The night sky has stars. Your bedroom should have its own “stars” too. In order for all the dark colors to not make the impression of overtaking the room, make sure to add in light accents. For this trend, white, cream, or light colored bedding will add just enough visual interest to make the dark seem cozy, not oppressive or macabre. Or try light art and light curtains or a white rug.

Golds, metals, and metalics can also be great choices for offsetting the dark colors. Gold frames look stunning against a dark wall, as do metal lighting fixtures.  And wood flooring can be a lovely choice in a dark bedroom.  The wood is still a rich element, but lighter than the walls.

Choose the Right Lighting

Since the walls of your new bedroom are so dark, make sure there is enough lighting to compensate. If you have a large window in your bedroom, make sure you allow that light to get in easily when you want it. Instead of shutters, maybe choose curtains. Sconces can add to the gothic charm of a dark bedroom and bring in extra light as well.

If you are ready to try this in your own bedroom, reaching out to one of our InteriorCrowd designers can be a great next step! These talented people can help you choose the right color and show you how to create a balanced room perfect for cozying up.

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