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The Rise of Global Eclectic Style

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
August 5, 2015

The United States is known as a “melting pot,” and home design trends are proving that to be true. The popularity of the Global Eclectic style reflects the United States’ vast diversity by combining various cultural elements of other countries into one stylish room. Furniture and decor elements inspired by Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America can all grace one office or one dining room if designed just right. With the world’s cultures getting even closer and more connected by the use of instant social media, it’s no wonder that design is favoring global inspiration. In the picture above you will see the influences of Asian, Native American, and African cultures in one design.

The Global Eclectic trend is just that: eclectic. A little of this and a little of that join forces to take a modern and sophisticated new spin on a classic worldly bohemian look. Bold and unusual meet up with classy and elegant. Keep these elements in mind when thinking Global Eclectic for your home:

1. Think Color

Think Color - Pier 1
Boho Birds Pillows

In the Global Eclectic trend, you will find rich, bold, and bright hues juxtaposed against neutrals. From deep to vibrant to jewel tones, this style doesn’t fear color and neither should you. Capitalizing on the “eclectic” aspect of this style, the colors can vary throughout the same room. Adding some throw pillows to the neutral sofa in your living room is a simple way to achieve this look.


2. Think Rugs

(Emile Rug; Kilim Rug)

Not many things can add the warmth and inviting global feeling to a room better than a good rug. Many cultures put a high value on hand woven rugs. By adding one (or even layering two) in a room, you can bring a whole new texture and color palette. Since we are going for “eclectic,” there are many options and styles of rug to choose from. Styles vary from continent to continent, or even country to country.

3. Think Wood

Think wood - Anthro
Lombok Bed

Unique wood pieces are a staple when infusing your home with global influences.   One stand out wooden piece such as an end table, a coffee table, or this intricate bed frame hand carved from mango wood can be an interesting focal point in a bedroom. Focus on other natural materials like metals and stay away from synthetic materials. They can feel out of place in such an earthy environment.

4. Think Details

Beauty can so often be found in the details; the right design will incorporate not only the large ideas of bold color, warm rugs, and natural materials, but also small details that reflect different cultures and ethnicities. If you want to avoid adding too many fabrics to your global inspired kitchen, you can find other ways of incorporating cultural elements in small details like this serving tray with tribal print or this Buddha set.

(Buddha Bookends; Notre Monde Tray)

The exciting part about the Global Eclectic style in the United States is that options are wild and endless; it allows you infinite amounts of creativity. Keep in mind that achieving the Global Eclectic style without accidentally achieving the “Global Clashing, this just doesn’t work together” style may be a hard thing to do at times. Always reach out to a designer to help you find the right art, furniture, and decor as you pay homage to the beauty of many cultures and make this trend a reality in your home.

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