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Wallpaper Options for Renters

Caitlin Mullen for InteriorCrowd
by Caitlin Mullen for InteriorCrowd
August 20, 2015

Wallpaper, once a somewhat divisive design trend, is back and better than ever thanks to a slew of designs that feature bold patterns, carefully selected color palettes, and flat-out beautiful imagery. Wallpaper is a complete game-changer when it comes to making over a space, but don’t think you have to miss out because you’re a renter rather than a home owner. If you are wary of breaking out the glue or have nightmares about losing your security deposit to an angry landlord, don’t worry. Plenty of companies are tapping into the renter’s market with temporary wallpapers that will help you create a unique identity for your space while keeping your landlord happy. To get you started. we’ve highlighted some of the best and brightest temporary wallpaper options for renters:

1_GreenLeaf_Chasing Paper

Are you a renter craving a series change? Go big and bold with the exotic Green Leaf pattern from Chasing Paper: a vibrant, tropical motif that will redefine your walls. If you are looking for something more subtle, Chasing Paper also offers delicate patterns in soft hues like dove gray and pale blue. In the mood for something simple, modern, and graphic? Check out their striped, chevron, and swiss cross prints for a bold but streamlined look. These folks have already received a slew of press from top design publications for their chic designs that give any room an instant lift.2_tempaper_herringbone_walnut_textured_he093

Perhaps the leader in temporary wallpaper, tempaper was founded by New York-based set decorators who grew frustrated by the lack of temporary wallpapers on the market. This growing, women-owned small business offers high-style, non-permanent wallpaper in a plethora of patterns, textures, and colors. You’ll be tempted to paper every room in your house with these beautiful prints. We’re particularly fond of their herringbone walnut from the tempaper textured collection as a way to add some drama and depth to any ho-hum bedroom or living room.


Swag Paper is a temporary wallpaper supplier that is committed to provides pretty, on trend wallpaper that is also budget-friendly, with prices starting at $6.00 per square foot. We love their super-helpful installation guide, which includes a video demo, detailed instructions for measuring your room, and plenty of other pointers for ordering and applying your paper. With styles ranging from classic toile to modern, geometric motifs to dainty floral designs, Swag Paper is a great place to find the perfect backdrop for your favorite furniture. Can’t get enough of the vintage look? Check out their gorgeous vintage map prints featuring cities like Boston, New York, Portland, London, and Paris.


The diversity of Etsy sellers and their wares is a boon to any home decor enthusiast, and Etsy is quickly becoming another top source to shop for unique temporary wallpaper designs. The shop Betapet specializes in vinyl, self-adhesive wallpaper will save you from your dismal, unadorned rental walls. If your taste is more fun and quirky than dramatic, Kate Zaemba Company’s hand illustrated, custom printed offerings could be just what you’re looking for. Do you have a vision for your living room but don’t see the right wallpaper to carry it out? Many shop owners accept custom orders, so you can go beyond off-the-shelf offerings to create your dream wallpaper look.  


Leave it to CB2 to come up with ultra-luxe looking temporary wallpaper, like this palm navy and gold option above. Incredibly detailed prints and textures make these wallpaper options ideal for the renter who plans on staying put long enough to truly enjoy these custom patterns, which have been developed in collaboration with leading artists and designers like Ben Holiday, who designed the urban facade print. Exclusive to CB2, these papers are a high-impact way to quickly upgrade any rental space.  

Whether you are a commitment phobe, a renter looking to amp up your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, or a homeowner looking for an easier and more affordable alternative to expensive, unforgiving permanent options, temporary wallpaper is one of the easiest and most striking ways to personalize your space. Temporary wallpaper is also a fantastic medium for other projects: use it to line drawers or shelves, or customize that Ikea bookcase or thrifted cabinet by applying wallpaper to the back. You have little to lose, so enjoy getting creative and exploring the expressive potential that temporary wallpaper has to offer.

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