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Storage Solutions for Kids Toys That Still Look Lovely

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
March 23, 2016

While there may be no better sound than a child laughing as they play, most parents will tell you that the kids’ toys can quickly overrun the house.  One moment the home is put together and stylish, the next moment it appears as though a hurricane came through and toys are everywhere!

Having great storage solutions for all these toys is a good place to start. After all, if you have a specific place for everything, everything can more easily go in its place. But oftentimes the storage solutions for kids toys are less than aesthetically-pleasing.  This simply does not have to be the way it is.

Here are a few ways you can not only include some extra storage for toys, but make sure that storage actually looks lovely within your home. You are not confined to using bright colored plastic toy boxes or see-through Tupperware-like containers!

  1. Hide The Toys Completely

One of the best ways to rid yourself of toy clutter is to have low-to-the-ground unit of drawers or bins that the kids can put their own toys into. If you have guests showing up in a few minutes, you can, haphazardly even, toss every toy into these compartments and within a couple minutes have nothing but a lovely piece of furniture visible – no toys in sight.







  1. Go Double Duty

You do not always need to use furniture as it was intended; sometimes other furniture can work double duty as extra toy storage. TV console units often have drawers or cabinets that can store toys, puzzles, or games (of course this would be a better option once you are comfortable with your kids being close to the cords of your electronics!). Bedroom dressers can make really interesting pieces in a living room area as well.


West Elm

  1. Use Cute Open Crates

If you need a few extra storage options that don’t necessarily fit into a unit like those above, making sure that the open crates or baskets are not only lovely, but also fit into your home’s style choices is a great way to love these storage solutions. Even if that pile of toys is visible, the eye will be drawn to the interesting crate/basket first.





  1. Get Inspired By Your Kids

Simply because you want your kids toy storage to look great does not mean it cannot still be kid-inspired. Some people prefer to keep their decor, furniture, and storage solutions entirely within their home’s adult-approved style, but creating some kid zones can still be a lovely place that makes sense to store toys.   The rule can be: toys go in the kid zone and nowhere else – keeping your other rooms free.



  1. Remember The Outside

Before you or your guests even step inside your home, going through the front yard can easily feel like a minefield of outdoor toys. Don’t stop with the lovely storage solutions within the walls of your house – you can have creative and useful outdoor toy storage as well – and it does not have to only be big outdoor plastic bins!



Here at InteriorCrowd, we love when our readers and clients adore the spaces they are living in. This sometimes means using some extra creativity to find storage solutions we actually like looking at on a daily basis. If you need help designing a lovely space that is storage-efficient, reach out for one of our professional designers to help you out!

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