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Storage Ideas For Small Businesses and Budgets

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
August 12, 2015

The quest for a beautifully organized space seems to be the desire of most people. Unsurprisingly, “getting organized” was the number two New Year’s Resolution for 2015. A space utilizing great storage is clutter-free, meaning stress can go down and inspiration can go up. Often organizing intentions are good, but wallets are thin. For small businesses, buying or designing office storage space can sometimes feel like a financial burden.  Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Whether you’re in a small office space or warehouse, or maybe you are running your business out of your home, these storage ideas can hopefully spark your creativity and help you create space for your small business – even when you’re on a tight budget.

Take Inventory

The first and most important step to organizing anything is figuring out what you actually need and what you don’t. There’s no need to spend time and money organizing things you will never use again. Take a good, hard look at all the documents, electronics, books, office supplies, tools, etc. and toss, sell, or donate everything you don’t truly need. If you’re able to sell anything, you can turn that money back around into your small business budget.  Once you are only dealing with everything your small business will require, you can find storage options without spending needless money.

Epson Workforce Printer

Go Paperless

Investing in a quality paper scanner can actually be one of your best storage options. Instead of taking

up space with filing cabinets, stacks of paper on your desk, and binders here, there, and everywhere, you can organize all of your company’s documents into orderly files on your computer or tablet.   Don’t forget to either utilize Cloud storage or an external hard drive to keep those documents safe.

Utilize Vertical Space

Once you’ve removed any unnecessary clutter, vertical storage is the way to go. Instead of buying expensive bookshelves, you might consider installing wood panels directly on the wall. Not only will

Rowan Desk + Ava Chair
Rowan Desk + Ava Chair

this save your business money, it will allow you to be in control of design elements like the wood type and stain color. With sturdy hardware, you can easily store some objects other books on these shelves. Another great option is to make a vintage inspired bookshelf by stacking inexpensive wooden crates from your local craft store. With a little stain or paint, this DIY project can be a big savings.


Repurposing is on point right now; it’s eco-friendly, stylish, and free (or nearly free). Why not go through your home and pull items that you are no longer using and repurpose them for your small business space? Raid your kitchen and use mason jars, teacups, or interesting bowls for supply storage. An unused bedroom dresser can make a great storage unit, and the fact that it has drawers will provide a clutter-free look for your office space. Small baskets from your bathroom can help keep your little items together.

Wood Crate
Wood Crate

Stay Simple

Stylish simplicity is a friend to all those who are budget-conscious. The goal is to have a clutter-free space for your small business to flourish.  Your decor does not have to be elaborate, and nothing should necessarily be ornate or busy, that may only distract you from your work.   Don’t fear sticking with whites and light natural wood. In fact, if your small business squeezes into a small room, white and other light colors can help the space feel more expansive. Color can peak through in budget-friendly ways. Try adding a small office plant or buy one statement piece of art.

Your small business can achieve organization and stylish design through budget friendly storage. You can use your creativity to achieve a space that feels comfortable and inspirational without killing your wallet.

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