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Solutions for a closet-free apartment

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
November 5, 2015

I recently moved into a new apartment. While it seemed to have way more than enough of what a twenty-something might need in a tiny San Francisco studio: washer/drier, dishwasher, and a pretty killer view, there was one major thing that was missing, even with all those extras. Somehow, a closet, or anywhere to store clothing, seemed to have been completely overlooked as the apartment was built. I quickly found myself struggling to create storage space in my teensy new home without breaking the bank, unsure of where to put my clothes and other random belongings in order to keep the place fairly clutter-free. Thanks to a few trips to IKEA and The Container Store, I’ve been able to get a little creative and make more space available in the small apartment. If you’re running into a similar problem in your home, the InteriorCrowd team is an incredible resource to help you come up with solutions to any and all new-apartment problems you may run into, within your budget. For some easy fixes to minimal closet space, check out what I came up with below.

Rolling Rack


A staple of so many Instagram apartment shots, the good thing about rolling racks is that you can see exactly what you have since all your clothes are out in the open – it’s made picking my outfits in the morning a total breeze. The RIGGA clothes rack is adjustable, so you can change the height whether you’re hanging longer dresses and skirts or just some folded jeans.

The problem with a clothes rack, of course, is that it doesn’t provide any space for your folded sweaters or shirts. A quick solution is to get hanging clothes compartments, like the SKUBB organizer. It can hang right off of the clothes rail, and has different compartments of different sizes to allow you to store folded clothes or other non-hangable items.

Clothes Bar


A more permanent solution is to attach a clothes bar to the wall. It has a smaller footprint than the rolling clothes rack since there aren’t any legs to take up floorspace. The IKEA MULIG Clothes Bar is a super cheap solution – the bar is adjustable and can extend to 35 3/8″ to fit the maximum amount of hangers or can shrink down to 23 5/8″ to make the most space on your wall. Hanging the bar on your wall allows for shoe racks underneath, and as seen in the above photo, you can hang a folding organizer off of the racks for more folding opportunities.

Wall Mounted Shelves


I fold almost everything, so I need plenty of shelves – the good thing about the wall mounted clothes bar is that I can utilize the walls in my room and mount shelves above it for even more space. With the help of a step stool, I can build as far up the wall as I need. The shelves at IKEA are fairly easy to install and not expensive, and The Container Store also has incredible shelving systems if you’re looking to create lots of beautiful storage space.

If you’re looking for something a little more customized, or you’re totally unsure of where to start with your small apartment woes, head to InteriorCrowd and our designers will help you come up with the best solutions for your space!

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Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd

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