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Small Home Bar Inspiration

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
September 18, 2015

Anyone with a creative and fun home bar tends to frequently attract the company of friends and family. With a bar situated in your own home, you will receive the benefits of a regular bar without the crowds, craziness, and high-priced drinks. Even when you do not already have a large built-in bar option, you can design a phenomenal small bar space for your home.

Typically, any public bar you enter into has some sort of unique ambiance that attracts people. Maybe it is a sports bar, beach bar, speakeasy, wine and cigar bar, find a date bar, or chill out with a good friend and drink a beer bar. Likewise, in order to have a great home bar, you’ll want to find your own creative niche too.

For those who do not have a huge built-in home bar area in their home, here are a few ideas to get the wheels rolling on small home bar design:

Classy Cart Bar

Beckett Bar Cart | Williams-Sonoma

You may want to mimic the class and sophistication of a wine and cigar bar, and you can easily do that at home with a great compact cart, wine and spirits, and some classy vintage decor items. All you’ll need is a wine and cheese plate to pass around!  These carts from Williams-Sonoma are simple, classy, and don’t take up too much room your home; a perfect option for those lacking extra space.  This cart bar will add a touch of sophistication even when sitting unused in the corner of your living room waiting for the next party.

Mid-Century Modern Bar

(Line Bar | Design Within Reach; Charlie Stool | CB2)

You do not have to watch many episodes of Mad Men to understand the importance and widespread appreciation for a good drink in the 1960s. You can bring that Mad Men feeling into your home bar by including mid-century modern furniture. This 60s inspired wine cart can be a great place to whip up an Old Fashioned or Gimlet, and these tweed barstools from CB2 can bring your kitchen bar straight back to the mid-century.  It would be a bar Don Draper would be proud to visit.

Portable Bar

Industrial Bar Cart | West Elm
Industrial Bar Cart | West Elm

Have wheels, will travel!  When you want the bar to follow the party wherever it goes, a portable bar unit with wheels can be the way to go! You can have your drinks, mixers, glasses, napkins, plates, snacks – everything you need – in one convenient mobile set up. Even when you are not using the portable bar, it still creates a fashionable statement in your living room, dining room, or kitchen. This industrial cart from West Elm is an awesome bar to wheel around from room to room and even inside or outside!

Coastal Home Bar

(Atwood Chest | Crate and Barrel; Luau Tub | Crate and Barrel)

Nothing says relaxation quite like a cold mojito on a warm day in the sand.  Beachside bars are a favorite among so many people.  You can bring that beach bum inspiration into your own home with a coastal-inspired home bar.  A great wooden chest, like this one from Crate and Barrel, can make a nice foundation. Then add a tub of chilled beers, a bottle of rum, a fresh mint plant, some white candles and even a cool lantern.  If you don’t have space inside your home, this coastal bar could be a great addition to your patio.  You and your friends will feel like it really is 5 o’clock somewhere.

Girl’s Night Bar

Image: The Every Girl

Ladies night! When it it girl’s night in, a fun home bar with feminine details is the best place for a group of ladies to huddle around and chat the night away.  Keep the features dainty to add to the charm.  Not only is this small white cart adorable, functional, and space efficient, the added details of the old record player and flowers create the perfect “girls only” ambiance.  Think Sex and the City.  If it is more a Girl’s day, try turning your feminine home bar area into a mimosa bar extravaganza.

Coffee Bar

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Not all of us partake in drinking alcohol, but that does not mean we cannot still have a cool home bar. Many offices have coffee areas, but for those of us who take our coffee very seriously and also drink it at home, a coffee bar in your kitchen can be a lovely place to wake up to each morning. You just need a small cart or dresser that fits your coffee and espresso makers, cream, sugar, coffee, syrups, and some mugs.

Reaching out to a designer can be a good idea. You will want to create a small home bar addition that is not only functional and fun, but also a great aspect of your room’s overall design. Once you have created your new small home bar, check out this helpful list (HERE) that describes everything you could possibly need to fully stock your home bar.

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