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Ruth’s Story

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
February 11, 2016

When Ruth and Tommy moved to San Francisco from South Africa, they had to be super choosy about what they could bring with them from Cape Town and what had to be left behind. Their sweet Jack Russel Terrier, Grizzle, obviously made the top of the list – besides that, many of their smaller decor items that remind them of home made the cut, but the larger pieces stayed halfway across the globe. Art made by friends of the couple, textiles handmade by Ruth’s mom, and other smaller, traditional South African trinkets came to San Francisco so that the two could have a piece of home no matter what apartment, duplex, or loft they situated themselves in.

For the larger pieces, the two turned to InteriorCrowd, and connected with Imani as their designer. They worked with Imani, who came into their home and helped them find exactly what they needed – like the Ikea couch and chair, the dining room set, and the dark green accent wall in the dining room, to pull their home together.




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Ruth Dining Room

To work with Imani or find anothr designer who will work with you on your budget and schedule, head to InteriorCrowd now!

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Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd

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