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Put Your Feet Up on Our Favorite Mid-Century Ottomans

Claire Pustinger for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Pustinger for InteriorCrowd
September 21, 2015

After a long day at work, don’t you just want to put your feet up and relax? We do too, but hanging after work is so much nicer if you can kick back with some furniture that’s easy on the eyes. Here are some of our favorite mid-century style ottomans that we can totally see ourselves throwing our feet on when we get home.

A big, comfy ottoman with fun hairpin legs.

This particular piece of furniture in the mid-century style is characterized by fun fabrics, bold colors, and unconventional shapes. This little ottoman stood out to us because of the unique Aztec embroidery and the cute hairpin legs. If you’re looking for something a little bigger and cozier, this sage seat gives you tons of room with the same cool support style.

Hairpin ottoman with Aztec embroidery from Etsy.








The type of fabric used plays a role in what will work for your room: there are tons of options, and each offers its own unique personality. While this African Mudcloth ottoman is super fun and the subtle colors allow it to work well in most rooms, it won’t necessarily match in every room. The smoother, brighter fabric on the blue block Kipling ottoman to the right, however, fits in a little better with more styles: you can pair it with other bright colors and clean lines, or you can add it to an already patterned up living room without clash.


A cute little blue block ottoman will brighten up any room.
Up-cycled Mid Century Ottoman with African Mudcloth fabric.









Ottomans are great living room accessories: you can show off your personal style while relaxing after a long, hard day (or before your day has even started). These mid-century beauties are just the tip of the ottoman-iceburg, and you can see just with this limited sample that there’s tons of diversity. Finding the perfect piece for your home will be no trouble at all! Consult with our stylists, and they will help you pick out an ottoman that fits right in with your home decor.

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