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7 Office Friendly Plants That Don’t Require Much Sunlight

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
August 5, 2015

We put detailed care and attention into designing and decorating the beautiful homes we live in, but the truth of the matter is many of us spend more time in an office or a cubicle than we spend in our homes.  A house may be our haven, but an office tends to see us the most.

All too often work spaces are symbols of drudgery, monotony, and anything that isn’t fun or inviting. That’s not the type of environment we want to spend the majority of our waking time in. It’s typically not an option to paint the walls or bring in a mid-century modern sofa, but there is still a great option to liven up an office space.

By adding a plant or two, you can transform the space you work, no matter how small. Not only can plants be a great design element, studies show that office plants will actually boost wellbeing, creativity, and productivity – and not only by a small percentage. Well-being is shown to increase by 47% by adding office plants.

It may seem that an office would be a less than ideal spot when it comes to necessary conditions to grow a living thing, primarily due to the lack of sunlight. Fortunately, there are some hardy options that require little sunlight and simple maintenance.


Image: Creative Commons

Moss can make a stylish and simple addition to your desk. Moss terrariums are an easy way to add a little bit of green.  A terrarium is a small glass garden that can be enhanced with interesting rocks and other natural items: a piece of art in itself. Once you have your moss terrarium in your office, it needs minimal light, even fluorescent light will do.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)

If for no other reason, the name of this plant alone should be able bring a smile to your face on a boring workday: the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, also known as the Snake Plant. You’re welcome for that moment of ironic laughter. Though it likes some sun, this plant does well in the shade.

Lucky Bamboo

Image: Creative Commons

Lucky Bamboo is quite the little deceiver. It’s not actually bamboo; it belongs to the Dracaena family that has other trees and succulents. Lucky Bamboo’s luck comes from the fact that it’s not only a beautiful plant, it is extremely hard to kill.  Since Lucky Bamboo needs only indirect light, it’s a perfect choice to place in your office.


Ferns are a more traditional, plain office plant, but that doesn’t mean that their vibrant green won’t be a great addition to your work space.  They can also detox your space.  Though ferns don’t want direct sunlight, they do need some indirect sunlight.  As long as you have a window in the near vicinity, you should be good to go.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a lovely tropical plant with gorgeous white flowers. It can be hard to find a hardy office-friendly plant with actual flowers, but the Peace Lily thrives in shady environments. They are known for being a purifying plant, an added bonus!  However, if you are able to give it some light, the flower buds will have a better chance of blooming.

Spider Plants

The Spider Plant is a cool option for somebody who wants a more interesting looking plant. It’s called a spider plant because long wispy greens with spidery ends (called “Spiderettes”) fall from the main portion of the plant. They do better with some bright, indirect light. So if your office is in a constant state of dark, you should skip this one.

Parlor Palm

Image: Creative Commons

If you’re looking for a bigger plant to make a statement, and one that can stand on its own on the floor, a Parlor Palm might be a good option for you. Going to the office will feel like a day on the beach.  Parlor Palms start off small, but it is possible for them to reach three or even four feet. Parlor Palms should not go in direct sunlight and flourish in shade.

Choose one of these beautiful plants not only to beautify your work place, but also to lift your mood, boost your creativity, and increase productivity.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you should be fine with each of these easy choices. All are low-maintenance, with little to no sunlight or maintenance needs, and will enjoy their stay in your office.

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