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Modern TV Stands That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
by Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
September 23, 2015

Back in the day, television sets were considered home décor eyesores. The big, bulky boxes were often “disguised” as furniture with wooden frames or bulky designs meant to blend into the surrounding living area. Then, once the era of the boxed set had come to an end, new ways to hide a television came about. Large armoires with doors to shut across the screen or sliding devices to cover up the fact that family watched television were in vogue for many years. Nowadays, televisions have become socially acceptable and clever interior decorators have found ways to incorporate televisions into a home décor scheme.

Mounted televisions

(From Top Left: Mirror Media Credenza; Boyate TV Stand; From Bottom Left: Woodbridge TV Stand; Lugano Media Unit)  
Flatscreen televisions can be mounted and the cords concealed, but that doesn’t leave room for all the accessories that come with a television. Blu-ray players, recording devices and other features all need a place to live close to your TV. Mount your television above a stylish media unit or place it on top of the stand for a modern look in your living room that also provides a storage solution.

TV stands

(Cabrini Entertainment Center; Floating Console)

Having a television stand that floats is perfect for placing your television into a modern living room. Technology and gadgets go hand in hand with a modern aesthetic, so you don’t need to hide your viewing interests; you just need to work it into your décor. A floating TV stand and media unit is a great way to showcase your big screen as well as keep your cable box and other television accessories out in the open, where they are easy to access.

Repurposed furniture

(6 Drawer Dresser; Rolling Coffee Table

If you don’t want a traditional television stand or you don’t have room for an entertainment center or the wall space to mount your television, you may want to look at some alternative ideas:

A rolling television stand means that you can tuck a television out of the way if you need more room when you have guests over and the television may be off. You can also roll it from room to room if you are a one-screen homeowner.

A painter’s easel is another way to make your television more mobile, as the stand can be moved to where you need it. Just make sure that you opt for a sturdy model that can support your set.

If a full entertainment center doesn’t work for you, or you want something taller or smaller, a console or a dresser can also work as options. You can place your screen on the top and then hide the accessories in the drawers or shelves. In some cases, you can even take out the drawer space and have open shelving. It’s all up to your imagination.

Don’t forget the details

You can add more storage and features to your television stand by adding shelves, above, beneath and even to the side of your screen. Some media centers may come with added floating shelves or you can offset the large television drawing attention on your wall by surrounding it with similarly shaped pictures and photos. This will make it seem like part of a gallery wall rather than an eyesore. Or try surrounding your television with matching lamps set on the entertainment center for a warm glow.

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