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Modern Lighting Ideas for the Foyer

Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
by Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
September 11, 2015

Your foyer is the perfect place to introduce your home décor style to the world. Like the perfect statement necklace, your foyer lighting both attracts attention and directs it to the rest of the home. Traditional foyer lighting is all about elegant chandeliers or wrought iron pendant lamps. But more modern ideas upend traditional wisdom, incorporating personal style and a dash of creativity. Read on for modern ideas for the foyer, whether you have a grand entryway or a low ceiling to contend with.


(Eclipse Chandelier; Rockhill Chandelier)

Nothing screams modern home décor like white. Unlike other white accent pieces in your home, a white lighting element in your foyer won’t show much wear and tear. Whether you choose a chandelier style, modern globe, blown glass or sculptural element, choosing it in white will make it have a lot more impact.

Colored Glass

(Stella Chandelier, Capri Bottle Lamp)

Chandeliers traditionally coming in sparkling clear crystal. You can turn tradition on its side without entirely getting rid of it by choosing a chandelier in a color, rather than a clear. Use a color that is found in other pieces throughout your home to give a hint of what’s ahead, without going full-on matchy matchy. Unless, of course, that happens to be your style.

Another way to use colored glass is find pieces that look more like seaglass or have softer hues so that you have a touch of color without the full commitment. This is a good option if you like to switch things up.

Mixed Materials

(Emporium Whisper Pendant; Agate Chandelier)

Rather than going with a traditional piece that is just heavy metal or just crystal, try switching it up by finding pieces that are made of multiple materials or unexpected, like feathers. Choose foyer lighting fixtures that mix materials for more impact.

Combine Lighting Sources

(Capri Wall Sconce; Meurice Wall Sconce)

Sconces and unusual shapes like hanging globes can be used in combination to make a foyer seem lighter and brighter. Sconces create ambiences while a globe or series of pendants can create a stronger focal point for your entryway’s ceiling.


(Drum Flush Mount Lamp; Oversized Equator Pendant)

Simple, mid-century modern shades with or without details can give a modern feel to any space. They work well with other lighting elements or alone.

Low Ceilings

(Anemone Ceiling Lamp; Laurel Flush Ceiling Sconce; Bell Lamp)

Low ceilings present a problem for foyer lighting because traditionally fixtures hang down. Instead of a formal fixture, consider going with recessed lighting and skipping the decadent chandeliers. Another option, depending on the foyer, can be using ambient lighting that highlights the circumference of the foyer, rather than it’s height (or lack thereof). Track lighting with directional fixtures can be a perfect solution for a modern home and highlight any artwork that you might have on the walls.

Sconces alone, without an additional fixture, can give you the lighting you need without drawing the eye upward. Depending on the size and setup of your foyer, one sconce may be all it takes. If you have a long entryway, go for the castle look and pair sconce fixtures on each side.

If you have your heart set on a fixture, look for options that aren’t necessarily meant for foyers, but will nonetheless give you an awesome opening scene. Ceiling mounted fixtures are usually considerably shorter than pendant lamps and chandeliers. Look for unique shapes and materials to make your foyer lighting stand out without making the low ceiling situation obvious. Look for lighting pieces that have width rather than length to make an impact.

Whatever your foyer ceiling situation, there is a modern lighting solution that will work for it.

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