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Mid-Century Modern Bedrooms

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
August 6, 2015

Mid-Century Modern is arguably the most popular genre in interior design, revered for its uses of woodgrains, straight lines, and organic tones, the simple yet potent style of architecture is perfect for those smaller apartments or homeowners looking for a practical style that still warrants the envy of all your friends and family.


Mid-Century Modern Bedrooms are equipped with unique simple designs creating both physical and visual spaces. The simplicity of the genre allows for each article of furniture to work as a viable piece of the bedroom, easily complimented by palette colors and raised tapered style furniture. These molded plywood chairs, designed by Herman Miller illustrate just some of the colors available in the mid-century modern bedroom decor.

One factor that makes the mid-century modern bedrooms so compelling is the incorporation of mixed elements. Metallic vintage and electric appliances, eccentric lamps and vintage record players provide aesthetically pleasing assets within a modern culture yearning for simpler times. These assets will help brighten the space but while still working with neutral tones creating the perfect matrimony of light hues and colors.

Picture2The simplistic maxim of the mid-century modern bedroom is constituted by a delicate balance of big pieces and accentuating items. The larger pieces should be neutral tones while the smaller accent pieces should work to brighten the look of the room, making them pop and pull you into the space. Patterned pillows, bright, vintage accessories, and other small pieces allow for you to express yourself with an infinite range of possibilities. Renovating with the intentions of a mid-century modern bedroom offers a unique opportunity to combine that old style architecture with modern technology, so don’t hesitate to equip that Sputnik lamp with eco-friendly light bulbs.

One of the objectives of the mid-century modern bedroom is to capture the essence of both indoor and outdoor visuals. White walls and walnut dressers over illustrious rugs and art pieces, all work to accentuate the mid-century atmosphere. Notice the image above with the strong lines and patterns of woodgrains and earthly tones against a white wall. The indoor plant and small statues and the natural light breaching beneath the lifted furniture is the perfect example of the mid-century modern bedroom blurring of indoor and outdoor tones.

Image: Interiorator

Arguably the most quintessential piece to the mid-century modern bedroom is end-tables, the nightstand and bedroom dressers. It is impossible to imagine a bedroom without these pieces, heavily coveted by designers and enthusiasts alike.

Like the mid-century mod bed, the nightstand has low center of gravity while still elevated from the floor.

Some suiters may believe nightstands are meant to have  drawers and some of the mid-century ones will, but remember the simplistic style demands a clutter free bedroom, a delicate but spacious alternative. Notice in the image above the usage of strong lines and patters accentuated by wood grain and white walls. Follow these perimeters to ensure the mid-century modern bedroom renovation that your heart desires, joining those ambitious homeowners who can really express themselves with the beauty of mid-century mod interior design.

Image: Interiors by Studio M

If your bedroom has the space do not hesitate to add stylish a stylish sofa or  coffee table. If your entire home is dedicated to mid-century modern decor, these items will most likely be in your living room, but sometimes messy young children or a one room apartment forces you to place these highly coveted and usually high-priced pieces in the bedroom. Vintage stores and retailers around the country offer competitive prices for the mid-century modern market, which in recent years has seen an austere revival. Some retailers to visit are HD Buttercup, West Elm, CB2, Design Within Reach, Schoolhouse Electric, Jonathan Adler, Z Gallery, Oly, Chairish, Williams Sonoma, Pier1, EQ3, and Scandinavian Design.

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