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Kid-friendly furniture (that’s still stylish!)

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
August 3, 2015

Whether you lovingly refer to your kids as “little monsters” or mean it somewhat in earnest, one thing is true for all kids: they are not furniture friendly. From science experiments and art projects to babies just being babies, once kids come into the picture, your furniture can take a beating. Having kids doesn’t mean having to give up on “nice” things; rather it requires a new plan of attack.

Instead of picking items solely for their aesthetic appeal that may also require careful handling, look for furnishings that won’t require maintenance to enjoy. Here are a few tips and tricks for finding kid friendly furniture that works a nice balance between stunning taste and nursery school chic.

Allow room for growth

Hidden storage solutions are great ways to hide baby supplies now, toys later, and video games even later. Look for pieces that do double duty, with drawers that conceal and tops that can make great entryway tables or give open areas defined spaces.


(Milan 6-Drawer Storage Unit)

In kids’ rooms, opt for those storage bins that allow you to swap out the colored drawer spaces. What looks adorable for infants probably won’t be of much use to an older child or be appropriate for a teen. If you are able to make small changes, you will get much more use out of furniture for years to come, rather than having to make major new purchases for each childhood milestone.

Wayfair InRoom Designs Cubby Toy Storage

(Cubby Toy Storage)

Consider the fabric

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t play in the living room for fear that you could destroy the delicate pillows or stretch out the doilies? It’s much easier to protect your stuff if you make it as indestructible as possible rather than banning child play from certain areas. Don’t go for the finest fabrics, instead go for textured knits that can weather tears and traumas and won’t show each minor incident.

WestElm Everett Upholstered Sofa

(Everett Upholstered Sofa)

Color is a major player

Don’t try to go white and beachy once kids have arrived. You’ll either end up using blankets to try to protect your pale shades (a modern take on plastic-covers) or go crazy trying to get rid of stains and rotating cushions to hide them. Black isn’t much better as you would be surprised at the random items that can create a shiny stain on black. Instead go for rich neutrals or even patterns that can help conceal stains. And of course, scotch guarding is a must.

One King's Lane Elizabeth Tufted Setee

(Elizabeth Tufted Setee)

Make nicks and dings part of your décor

1st Dibs 18th Century Swedish Rococo Table

(18th Century Swedish Rococo Table)

Rather than try to maintain brand-new furniture, go for vintage and thrift store finds that might come with some love marks already in them. From kids’ art projects glittering up the kitchen table to cooking experiments burning marks into a woodblock island, much of your furniture just won’t be perpetually pristine with kids around. Having some room for wear and tear will take some of the pressure of you and help to make your décor cozy, without looking like hand-me-downs from your right-out-of-college days.

Don’t hide the details

Home Decorative Design Attractive Table Cloth

(Home Decorative Design)

Kids love to tug on everything and are constantly looking for ways to test, so avoid skirts on couches and chairs, tablecloths, fringe and anything else that can cause items to come tumbling down if they get tested.

By following these tips, you can create a warm and functional environment for your family while it is still growing up. No need to wait for the kids to get a little older before investing in “nice things.”

Need more inspiration decorating your kid-friendly room? Head over to InteriorCrowd, and our designers will provide you with tons of ideas about how to make your space awesome for all ages! 

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