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InteriorCrowd Design Guide: Tips for outsourcing designers

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
July 13, 2015

I find Interior Design so interesting because you don’t need to be great at every aspect of the business in order to have your own company. While I was getting my AA in Interior Design, I barely had any training in software and 3D modeling. 10 years later, while studying for my BA in Interior Design at Sacramento State, the amount of training in software and 3D modeling programs that I had access to surprised me. After I got my second degree, I was approached many times by people that were impressed with the 3D quality of my portfolio that I decided to start networking with other designers to offer my services as an AutoCad drafter or 3D modeler.

Many clients are not visual, which is why hiring an Interior Designer is so crucial. They need us to provide a concept and a way for them to see their space before taking the leap. Many designs start off with a mood board or product board, but supplying clients with the 3D aspect provides them with some spatial understanding of what their room will feel like. If you are thinking about starting your own design business or currently own one but want to take your designs to the next level, outsourcing is an awesome way to save time and energy in areas such as 3D rendering, that you may not feel that comfortable in.Stove


 Mendez is also an interior designer for InteriorCrowd and worked on one of our first projects. To read more about Jackie and her work, click here. Jackie Mendez owns Bay Area-based design firm JLM Designs, specializing in high-end residentialand commercial interior design.


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