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Ideas to Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
October 24, 2015

When we think of rooms in our homes to design and decorate, we often list off: living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office, kid’s rooms, nursery etc. But what about our laundry rooms?

Laundry rooms often get the least design attention in the house. Once the rest of the home has been perfectly arranged, we might venture into sprucing up the laundry room. But the truth is we spend a ton of time in this room!

Here are the laundry room numbers:

  • 8 to 10: the number of loads of laundry the average family in America washes each week
  • 1 hour and 27 minutes: the average time it takes a single load of laundry to go from dirty all the way to clean and dried.
  • 215 miles: the average length of combined clothing items that a woman irons throughout her lifetime

Each week we are spending a considerable amount of home time in our laundry rooms.   “It’s simply functional,” you could argue. That is true. But all the rooms in our homes are simply functional if you really think about it. We have bedrooms to sleep in, kitchens for cooking the food we need to eat, and bathrooms for cleaning our bodies.

We still choose to incorporate great design anyway, because beautiful homes are the homes we enjoy and the homes we want to spend time in. Maybe we can use the same logic for laundry rooms and decrease the amount of dread we feel each time the drier buzzes to announce it is finished with yet another load!

If you are onboard with including your laundry room into your home design ambitions, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration for a kick start!

Create a Design Style

Image: This Old House
Image: This Old House

Just like you choose a style for the other rooms in your house, you can do the same for your laundry room. Maybe you love the shabby-chic vintage look. You can add mason jars, old washing boards or clothespins, and a vintage ironing board cover.  If you like a minimalist design, make sure to include clean whites and storage options that keep clutter off any flat surface.

Liven It Up

Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel

Simply because doing laundry may be a boring chore does not mean everything in your laundry room must be boring too! Add special elements that you love.  This interesting steel and canvas laundry bin from Crate and Barrel mimics a professional laundry bin. Incorporating bright colors can add a fun pop too!

Increase Storage Space


Efficient storage is priceless for a laundry room. Increasing storage space can be as simple as finding simple crates to store all your supplies, or you can go all out and install an entire storage system.  Since many laundry rooms do not have much square footage, utilize space for extra storage.  Hang your ironing board and add hanging storage bins or shelves.

Include a Flat Work Space

A flat workspace offers you the room to work on stained clothing, fold you dried laundry, or do other household tasks. Not all laundry rooms are already blessed with a countertop (or the space for one!), so you may have to be creative. A small desk could be a good option. You could place baskets, laundry hampers, or a trashcan under the desk to utilize every inch of space.

Hide or Improve Product Containers

Since you will be storing all your laundry products and often your cleaning products in your laundry room, try to make them as visually appealing as possible. If you have actual cabinets, or the possibility of installing them, keep all your products behind closed doors. For frequently used items that you want to keep out, like laundry detergent, try putting them in cute containers like this food storage canister from Williams Sonoma.

Add a House Plant

It may seem like an unconventional choice for a laundry room, but plants work magic to breathe life into a stale room. Add a small plant somewhere you can see it with each load. Here is a list of plants that do well in areas that get only a little light!

Update the Flooring

Since laundry rooms receive a lot of in and out traffic, the floors can easily receive wear and tear. Replace standard linoleum with a heartier surface that can stand high traffic. If a flooring re-do is out of the budget, bring in a sturdy area rug that matches your design style and is easy to clean.

Don’t let your laundry room be un-inspired! It is an area that you will spend a significant amount of time doing a commonly unloved activity. Why not spruce up this space and make it a joy to walk into? Plus, a well-organized laundry room can increase efficiency and save you time!

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