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#ICYourStory ($100 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway!)

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
August 26, 2015
InteriorCrowd attended Las Vegas Market at the beginning of August, and attended many events, but we particularly loved Ariel Joseph Towne’s talk about feng shui and intentional design. He debunked a few interesting myths about feng shui- for example, the idea that putting a mirror in front of your bed could result in your soul being frightened out of your body. Keeping mirrors away from facing your bed is actually a practical way to avoid light being reflected on you in the middle of the bed, which could wake you up.
One of the main things that Ariel talked about was the belief that what you keep in your home tells your story. Perhaps the things you’ve had for some time need to be looked at again with a fresh perspective. Is this still the story you still want to be telling? Don’t underestimate the influence these things have on your life, because you spend a lot of time in your home.
This is where you come in! 
We want to know what in your home tells your favorite story! Whether it’s one of travel, love, or simply brings back good memories, share what in your home (anything from a sofa to trinkets on the shelf) with us has a wonderful story that you’re still telling, and we’ll enter you in a random drawing for a $100 Etsy gift card.
Here’s what you’ve got to do: 
1) Post a photo of your item with its story and the hashtag #ICYourStory on Instagram and tag us in it – @interiorcrowd
2) Like our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. 
3) That’s it! We’ll be featuring some of our favorite stories and photos throughout the weeks, so keep your eyes peeled – we may repost your image! 
4) Feel free to submit as many entries as you like – the more stories, the merrier. 
All submissions must be entered September 25th, 5PM PST. We will draw the winner Monday, September 28th.
Can’t wait to check out your entries!

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Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd

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