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How to use color to add personality in the home

Claire Pustinger for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Pustinger for InteriorCrowd
August 3, 2015

We all experience colors a little differently, and you can use your favorites to bring a unique personality and flair to each room in your home. Whether you aim for a more muted vintage palette or prefer the brighter hues of  mid-century modern, there are endless options and opportunities for color use in a living space.

green-room In the bedroom, calming, muted neutrals or understated colors can  work really well for a relaxing atmosphere, depending on your preference. Whichever hues you prefer, they are not too complicated to incorporate. For example, the soft greens in this room are complimented by the purples in the painting on the wall and the aqua tones in the decorative pillows on the bed. These colors create a relaxing, cool palette.Whites in the lamp and the chair help to brighten up the room, while still complimenting the other colors. Warmer hues can be used to bring even more energy into common areas, such as your kitchen or living room.

In a living room, it is relatively simple to bring touches of color together to create the atmosphere you want. Throw pillows, rugs, and wall hangings can all help to unify the color scheme you envision. Brighter hues are super for this space, and you will love spending time in a lively living room. We love this sunny yellow space; it magnifies all of that lovely natural light! This modern look is made more inviting by the big pillows, comfy fabrics, and again, all the sunshine.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

If you are feeling more adventurous in your color scheming, you could try for some funkier mid-century modern pieces, such as this electrifying lime couch with bright yellow throw pillows.

Office spaces can also be more energetic with a little bit of color.While this office below looks super fun, it’s not quite everyone’s style. You can still add some inspiring colors with cool accent pieces, like this little red writing desk from Color doesn’t have to be limited to just furniture though. Add some colors to the walls with pop art prints or unique wall hangings, such as these bright geometric images from TRM Designs. These are great ways to bring in color without having to do a big paint job or major carpeting project, too.

Use color to inspire your office.


Colorful furniture can bring personality into any room.







Color is an excellent way to invite your unique personality into your home, and it can be really fun! Whether you want more subtle, relaxing hues or a brighter, more energetic atmosphere, there are endless ways to make your rooms pop with great color.


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