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Hot Design Trend: Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
February 29, 2016

It is no surprise that many popular design styles today are leaning more into the eclectic mix of mismatched furniture. From vintage inspired kitchens to Hollywood Regency living rooms and Rustic Elegant bedrooms, combining individual and unique pieces into a larger story is allowing homeowners and renters to express their style and personality in new ways.

Goodbye sets. Goodbye matchy-matchy. Hello mismatched. And do not think clasing here; think fabulously mixed, gorgeously eclectic.

One way this trend has been popping up is in the dining room: mismatched dining room chairs. Instead of purchasing a dining set with one table and matching chairs, designers and creative homeowners are choosing chairs that not only “match” the table, but also do not even match each other. The result is a dining area full of character and individuality.

If you are interested in incorporating this trend into your dining room, we have gathered some inspiration for you. Since there truly is a difference between brilliantly mismatched and terribly clashed, we want to share some great examples to send you down the right path into mismatched bliss.



This particular display of mismatched dining room chairs is along the lines of what you would naturally expect to see with this trend. In the midst of an global electic style, these rustic chairs enhance the vibe with the two distinct styles that still fall in the same color family, along with the fabulous vintage high chair.



This combination of the rustic wooden chairs with the sleek modern black chair creates a juxtaposition that is a statement in and of itself. This is a great examples of two very different styles coming together quite nicely. This same concept is exemplified in a different way in the picture below with the combination of vintage, rustic chairs and a sleek mid-century modern chair.





The above display of dining room chairs is mixing it up in multiple ways. You have the plush airchairs vs. the conventional dining chair. Then you have the two different backs on those conventional dining chairs. And then you have the various fabrics on each. To pull off this look, there must be some congruency. The fabrics, though each different, are similar in style. And the wood stains are all muted to not compete with the bright fabric.  This allows such bold differences to mesh together nicely.



For those who would rather not venture into the land of purchasing entirely different chairs to place along the table can still dip their toe into the mismatched pool by choosing different colors of the same chair. The dining chairs above, all have the mid-century chairs in an array of mid-century colors.



This final setup of mismatched dining room chairs, while still carrying somewhat of a unique spin with these mid-century chairs, gives a sleeker less rustic look with its modern appeal by choosing simple black and white options.

This dining room trend is hot right now; you can find it popping up everywhere. But here at InteriorCrowd, we know that perfecting a mismatched or eclectic style that still looks cohesive and tells one singular story can be difficult. Reaching out to our team of professional designers can allow you to tap into their expertise to get the exact look you are dreaming of.

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