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A Home Office Space Without an Office

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
September 17, 2015

As more and more Americans work from home each year, home offices are becoming more of a necessity in design. However, not every telecommuter has an extra room in their home to turn into a fabulous home office.   It is very easy to carve out a workspace in an extra bedroom or den, but what if all the rooms in your home are already accounted for? Or maybe you find yourself in a studio apartment with no other rooms at all?

There is no need to fret! The right design elements can help you carve out a functional working space that you will love no matter your current living situation.

Find a Nook…Somewhere!


Take an inventory of your house and ask yourself some important questions:

  • Is there a room with an available corner? Maybe furniture can be rearranged in a bedroom or the living room.
  • Is there a wall with a window that could be home to a new small desk? Even an entryway?
  • Which room stays the most quiet throughout working hours? If other family members are spending considerable time in one room, it can be beneficial to find another place with more solitude.
  • When you sit down to eat dinner with the family, are you going to want to see all your work laid out on a desk? If not, you might want to move your desk away from family areas.

Even after you consider the questions, you may be limited to only one or two places that can still seem less than ideal. That’s okay. Find your nook, and then make the best out of the situation.

Don’t rule it out….Be unconventional!

Just because a space is not traditionally used as an office does not mean that it cannot be transformed into one. A closet may be intended to hold clothes and linens, but it could be a great home office option. Transforming a closet into an office can be a helpful use of space since it is already set out from the room it belongs to. You won’t be cutting into any bedroom space. Bonus: when you are through with your workday, just roll your chair aside and close the closet door. This will help you separate your work life from your personal life.

Take advantage of walls…Go up!

img56oWhen there is not a lot of floor space, find yourself some wall space. Utilizing vertical space will increase your office size without creating a larger footprint. This desk unit from West Elm provides an extra three shelves to hold office supplies, books, small electronics, and any other necessary items. You could set a small file cabinet right next to the unit for more storage and place a printer on top. This vertical office space could become all the office you need and can fit in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even certain hallways.

Other tips for working at home without an actual office:

  • Keep your office your office. It is best to not use that space when working on your kid’s homework or doing craft projects. Remember that you probably wouldn’t do those activities in an actual office. This will keep your space prioritized for its main function: work.
  • Plug in some headphones and listen to classical music to drown out the noise of any other people working or playing around you.
  • Keep the area around your workspace clean and tidy. If you see this morning’s breakfast dishes and last night’s board game right next to your workspace, you will probably have trouble concentrating on the task at hand.
  • Allow yourself to get out of the house. Working a few hours at a coffee shop or any public place with Wi-Fi can be a great escape to prevent you from getting stir crazy at home.

It may feel difficult at times to work from home without a dedicated office room, but a little design help can help you create an office space that will be efficient, functional, and beautiful. A professional designer can be of great service in figuring out exactly how to fit your workspace into your living space effectively.

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