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Helene’s Story

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
October 21, 2015

Gigi’s playroom redo all started with a vintage hot-air balloon light fixture. 

When Helene, InteriorCrowd’s creative director, spotted it on Etsy, she knew she wanted to design her daughter’s new space around the one central feature. The hot-air balloon highlighted her family’s French heritage through its motif  in the light fixture and prints. (The French invented hot air balloons). To compliment the colorful bookshelf that is organized in a rainbow, the main colors of the room are red and white with a touch of blue.


Helene discovered an oversized and out of print book of hot air balloon illustrations in a local second-hand bookstore, which sparked her idea to frame each print for the room. There was only one print missing to make the collection complete, and the final one was found on Etsy – the prints and the light tied the whole room’s theme together.

Helene has a vintage children’s book collection and received books from friends and family upon Gigi’s birth, so finding the perfect display for books was incredibly important when creating the room. The bookcase had been in the house, built into the living room when Helene and her family moved in. Helene relocated and repainted it for Gigi’s room when she noticed that the shelving was the perfect display for books and the cabinets below were great game & puzzle storage.


 Gigi still loves receiving books as gifts, and organizing the books by color not only “highlights the collection” but also “makes it easy for Gigi to keep tidy – she actually enjoys putting her books away by color”, Helene told us. 

The room has a pull-out trundle bed for extra guests and it’s ready for the possible sleep-over party. An array of pillows in stripes and dots keep the room inviting and playful. “I really wanted for Gigi to be able to play in a fun and easily organized space, but also to feel super cozy and free to make a pillow fort anytime!”


We love the mix of the room’s child friendly color palette with the simple, unfussy sophistication of the vintage hot air balloon pieces.

Playroom6 Playroom4 Playroom1

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Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd

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