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Gallery Wall Inspiration

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
August 24, 2015

Even if you aren’t deeply connected with the interior design community or a close follower of home trends, a simple three minutes on Pinterest will inform you that configuring gallery walls is the thing to do these days. With mixture of favorite photos, prints, original art, mirrors, quotes, and unique objects, it’s easy to see why they are so popular: a gallery wall is a captivating way to add creativity and individuality to your space. Sure – five thousand people may have the same print that you have, but tucked within your personalized gallery wall, there is no way your piece is being displayed the same way anywhere else.

A gallery wall can be easily added to any room of the home. They can be a mixture of sentimental personal items, vintage finds, and classic or modern art. And it is absolutely possible to create one under a wide variety of budgets. If you’re looking to add a gallery wall to your own home and want to find some inspiration, look no further:

Make Your TV a Gallery Wall Element:

Image: West Elm

Your TV is probably already hanging on a wall in your living room. This is place where the family gathers to unwind, but a TV typically doesn’t offer much in the way of artistry. Why not incorporate that TV into the design of your space? Since a TV is already a rectangular object, treat it as you would any other frame and include it in your gallery wall design.   The TV will no longer be a techy focal point of the room; instead it will be an element of a artful design.

Situate your Gallery Wall Off-Center:

Though a lined-up gallery wall can have a cool effect in the right room, most gallery walls are a bit more assorted.  Many gallery walls are created by scattering frames and objects of various sizes and shapes into a well-planned, but organic style. The disorder is what makes them so interesting. You can take this disorder to a bold new level by situating your gallery wall off-center. In your bedroom, instead of placing the gallery wall directly over your bed, try placing it to the side and even continuing it beyond the corner. Or try putting your gallery wall on one side of the couch.

Use Unique Elements:

Image: West Elm

Most gallery walls are created with a blend of photographs, art, quotes, or mirrors. But why not shake it up and use an entirely different element? Display a collection of eclectic plates on your kitchen wall. Display a collection of potted plants in your dining room by the table.  Allow your kids to have their own gallery and display your children’s artwork in their playroom or bedroom. The options are limitless.

Include Open Frames:

If you don’t already have a large collection of items to hang in your gallery wall, it can be a daunting and sometimes expensive task to gather all the right components. While you are on the hunt for all the perfect additions, do not be afraid of hanging a few empty frames in between your filled frames and other objects. You can easily pick up some neat vintage picture frames at a thrift store, and they will add visual interest all by themselves.

Mix It All Up:

Image: West Elm

Mixing it up is the name of the game. Placing an expensive piece of fine art right next to a print of a quote keeps the space compelling. You may have spent thousands of dollars on one piece and printed out another from your home computer, but the correct use of framing and placement can turn the mix into a masterpiece.  Use diverse frames; it is perfectly acceptable to mix colors and sizes.  Metal and wood frames can be in the same gallery wall.

No matter how you choose to do it, incorporating a gallery wall into your home is a big design element.  If figuring out how create a brilliantly placed gallery wall seems a bit daunting, reaching out to a designer can be a great help. They can help you place your treasures in the right frame and the right spot.

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