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The Galleries with the Best Seating at DesignMiami/ 2015

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
December 18, 2015

Two weeks ago, the weekend was full of art, creativity, and design in Miami. Along with Art Basel, an extravaganza of modern and contemporary art, DesignMiami/ showed up to celebrate fabulous design galleries from across the globe that showcased their high-end furniture, lighting, and art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

DesignMiami/ did not take these displays lightly, focusing on keeping to the standard of museum exhibitions when showing these outstanding pieces that bring the like of private and public collectors alike. Works from both emerging and established designers were shown.

Here at InteriorCrowd, we were inspired by the work at this year’s DesignMiami/, and we wanted to share that inspiration with you. While there were many different design galleries with a wide array of gorgeous designs, we wanted to show you our favorite galleries with the best seating.

If you are considering bringing in new seating in your own home and want to gather some innovative inspiration or if you simply love discovering and appreciating beautiful design, we think you will love these pieces too.

Friedman Benda


The Friedman Benda gallery from New York showed selected works by a few designers, some of which included fabulous and unique seating. One of the most interesting pieces was this chair, Happiness, by designer Wendell Castle that was made of stained ash. This isn’t grandma’s ash rocking chair!

Galerie VIVID


Based out of Rotterdam,Netherlands, Galerie VIVID displayed the Zig-Zag chair by Dutch designer Gerrit Th. Rietveld. On first glace this fantastic chair seems like a simple, yet beautifully sleek design with a few pieces of wood. With more consideration, you can begin to see how revolutionary the design idea really is. This is undoubtedly a high-end piece, but its understated design would also look fantastic in any home.

Moderne Gallery


Moderne Gallery out of Philadelpha specializes in designs from twentieth century. Long chair, a mid-century interpretation of the chaise lounge by George Nakashima, is made from cherry wood and cotton webbing. The detail in the arm truly sets it apart.

Firma Casa


One of the most unique, and certainly the brightest, chairs on display at Design Miami/ was found in the Firma Casa’s exhibition, a gallery based in São Paulo, Brazil. The Cangaço armchair by designer Fernando e Humberto Campana is made from steal, leather, and wicker. There may not be a chair that would be more special in a global eclectic home design!

Jousse Entreprise


The Jousse Entreprise gallery from Paris, France, displayed interesting ‘curvaceous’ seating from designer Pierre Paulin with both his Declive chair that rests on the floor and his Amphys sofa made of steel, foam, and fabric.  Each highlight the ability of a uniquely shaped furniture to make such a strong statement.

Galerie kreo


The Ice Skating Daybed displayed in Galerie kreo’s exhibit is arguably one of the more innovative pieces. This gallery based out of both Paris and London showcased this daybed inspired by a pair of ice skates by designer Jamie Hayon.  The pull of inspiration is subtle enough that it could easily be displayed in a wide variety of home styles.



The award for best rustic elegant chair goes hands down to Ammann//gallery in Cologne with Tree Study #3 – Impossible Tree. Designed by Wolf + Jung, this chair appears to be a few simple pieces of wood, a glimpse into rustic nature. It is actually made of bronze. Using a beautiful element to imitate nature = the epitome of rustic elegant.

Southern Guild


The Southern Guild gallery from Cape Town, South Africa, displayed a fantastic bench for this year’s Design Miami/.  Designer David Krynauw’s multi-leveled Jeppestown Waiting Bench was created from African Panga Panga wood and raw leather. The detail of the tilted legs is spectacular and even the concept of having various heights in one bench is brilliant.

The talent and diversity displayed at Design Miami/ was lovely and inspiring.  If you would like to look through the other galleries and displays, click HERE.

We know that most people do not have access to high-end design choices for their own homes, but we absolutely believe that the inspiration can magnificently encourage the creative design juices. If you are drawn to any of these seating designs and want to find something similar for your own home, but don’t know where to start – reach out to a professional designer.

Our designers here at InteriorCrowd would be happy to help you build the exact design you want, including great seating choices, on the budget you want!

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