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Our favorite bed/dresser pairs for the kids’ rooms

Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
by Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
October 14, 2015

Unlike a master bedroom, kids’ rooms don’t always have a lot of space. And unlike other furniture in the home, kids’ furniture isn’t necessarily meant to last an infinite amount of time. As the kid grows, the furniture has to grow too. Add to that, parents are usually on a budget and so you probably don’t want to shell out a whole lot of money for furnishings that you won’t have forever and always. Indeed, for these reasons and probably a bunch of others, you won’t want to be picking out just the right pieces every few years.

One of the best solutions for the common dilemma of having to furnish a child’s room with little space and little money is by looking for pieces that are multi-functional, multi-purpose and take up less room than traditional bedroom sets. Bed/dresser pairs are a great piece for a kid’s room. Kids outgrow their beds anyway, some faster than others, so you probably don’t need to invest in full bed set and mattress the way that you would for an adult bedroom.

(Lulu Twin Loft Bed | Wayfair)

Having a dual function furniture set, like a bed/dresser, has other benefits as well. Many bed/dresser combinations fit neatly along one wall or into an awkward corner, leaving the rest of the room free. Free to let your imagination run wild as to what to do with that empty space. Leave it empty if you don’t have a playroom and your kid(s) need a place to play. You can also fill the area with other small furniture pieces, like buckets or baskets to keep toys and art supplies organized. Depending on the age of your child and their interests, the space can also be allotted for a small desk or table and chairs set for homework or art projects.

Although you’re ultimately the decision maker, if your child is old enough, make sure that they have a say. Bed/dresser sets are available in a variety of furnishings and some lighter colored woods may be paintable. If this is the case, let your child choose their bedroom set from a few pieces that fit into your budget. Being able to customize the piece with paint and bed sets will further allow your child to feel like they are part of the process and that their room is truly their own.

(Bryce Canyon Loft | Wayfair)

Many people are weary of pieces that do double duty as they fear that they are too “babyish” or only suitable for very young children. This can be true, but much of it comes down to style. Bed and dresser sets can fulfill the needs of children of a variety of ages. Many even offer the additional feature of being able to do beside table duty. Simply place a lamp atop the dresser or storage section and your child will be able to read all night long. Any storage on the piece can be used by toys and kids’ books at a young age and then filled with more grown-up pieces as your child grows up. Pottery Barn Teen is a great resource for bed/dressers for older kids and teens and even grown-ups that have small bedrooms.

(Ultimate Dresser Storage Bed | PB Teen)

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