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Designers We Love: Heather Brents

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
December 23, 2015

When many homeowners think about hiring a professional interior designer, they may be hoping to get help with paint colors, rugs, pillows, and defining their style. But to professional designer, Heather Brents, her job is that and even more.

Heather Brents’ design ideal is wrapped up in her unique brand name: Livet Design. “Livet” is a Norwegian word that means life. To Brents, this concept reflects the idea that “design is about helping people create a beautiful space that will elevate the functions of the every day,” making life “easier, more inspiring, and more fun.” She talked about what an honor it is to go into people’s homes and “create a space where they will live and make memories for years to come.”

Gold trim + oven =perfection #design #interiordesign #interiordesigner #dallasblogger #decorate #decor

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So yes, a designer does masterfully choose paint colors, rugs, and pillows, but they also bring life into somebody’s home, and Heather Brents is doing just that in her gorgeous work.

She admits on her website that she was ready to begin her design career at the young age of 12, first helping her mom decorate her home. After dabbling in fashion after college, Heather Brents returned to her first love: interior design. This decision brought her to design school and eventually Europe.

Gold trim + oven =perfection #design #interiordesign #interiordesigner #dallasblogger #decorate #decor

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I had the pleasure of interviewing this talented designer and was instantly drawn to the fact that she is a world traveler, an activity that undoubtedly has had a rich impact on her designs. I asked her which places have brought her immense creative inspiration. Of course, she talked about loving Paris for its “beauty, opulence, and appreciation for fine things.” But I was most intrigued to hear about the inspiration she draws from Scandinavia.

Since the Scandinavian weather keeps its residents inside for much of the year, people are more inclined to value their home design. Brents believes this encourages Scandinavian home design to create great “moments” in their designs, like “a well curated display of plants, the perfect exterior door wreath, or an abundance of candles to create a feeling of warmth.” (Once again, she shows us her Livet ideal, bringing life into a space.) She is also drawn to the Scandinavian use of “clean lines, light pastels, and few pops of metallic.”

When I asked Heather what design trends she’s loving these days, she answered, “Shades of white and an abundance of plants. I love using multiple shades of white in a room because it brings texture to the forefront. And who doesn’t love a bright room in the afternoon sun?” She is entirely right. Who doesn’t love a bright room?

Heather Brents is one of our very own InteriorCrowd designers.

Learn more about Heather and see her portfolio on her personal website, Livet Design.

While you are at it, follow Heather on her gorgeous Instagram channel HERE.

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