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Designer Meet-Up

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
October 28, 2015

Last week, the InteriorCrowd team hosted a meet-up for all of the local SF designers at Ampersand, a beautiful little flower shop in the Mission. Over wine and Mediterranean food, we got to chat with everyone about our service and the new, exciting changes that will be coming soon to the site, as well as get feedback about the service so far and answer any questions the designers had. Many of the designers had similar feedback and questions to give to the team, so we thought we’d do a little roundup of the FAQs (and most common feedback) that we were given on Wednesday night!


  • It’s awesome to be able to design your own projects under your own name. 

When designers are working for larger companies, they often work on big projects and are more focused on replicating the lead designer’s style than their own creative style. The InteriorCrowd model allows them to work on smaller projects, and implement their own style, and put their own name on the finished product. Some of the designers even discussed cutting down their hours at work so that they could focus more time on their InteriorCrowd projects.


  •  “I love meeting the other designers! Can we do this once a month?” 

     If designers often work alone or own their own design business, it can be incredibly solitary. Many of the designers said that they often don’t realize how lonely it is until they’re surrounded by others, and many of the women at the event on Wednesday said that the opportunity to gather with other designers in such an private, collaborative setting to share information was incredibly inspiring and useful to their personal growth.

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  • Setting out on your own in the design world is tough. 

Many of our designers discussed with us the concerns they felt about starting their own design business. Whether they felt like that was a move they had already made, were preparing to make soon, or a dream for the future, they all had one common issue that they felt was the biggest wrench in their plans. Although they left school more than prepared for the design aspect of the business, they had not learned how to take care of the business side of the business. The best systems for billing clients and the common ways to charge them were never discussed, and trying to figure that out on your own can be difficult. InteriorCrowd is a great resource so that people can do the fun part – the designing – without the worry of exchanging money.

In the next month or so, InteriorCrowd will build a space online for our designers to interact and chat. Among many other uses, those that are just venturing out on their own will be able reach out to designers who have been working on their own for years to ask questions, seek guidance, and share industry insight.


  • “Working through the platform is so easy – I wish I could use this with all my clients.”  

The InteriorCrowd platform provides a simple, streamlined relationship between the client and the designer, with opportunities to expand further if the client and designer feel the desire. The visual aspect of the platform allows the designers to see exactly what their clients like and dislike, the changes they have made to the room and things they still need to work on, all in the palm of their hand.


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Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd

Claire is the Content Manager at InteriorCrowd. While she was studying Film and Media at Queen's University, she worked as the Photo and Media intern at Dwell Magazine and fell in love with San Francisco's design community. After graduating, she returned home to the Bay Area and joined the team at InteriorCrowd.

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