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Design Ideas for Your “Girl Pad”

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
October 16, 2015

Whether you are a single lady in your own home or a group of gal pals sharing a space, creating your “girl pad” will undoubtedly be one of the most fun design ventures you will ever do. You don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of having a male presence in your home, so you can make each and every element in your home exactly how you want it to be!

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind and kick off some inspiration when you start working on your “girl pad” design:

1) You do not have to stick with conventionally “girly” design elements.

(West Elm; CB2)

Just because you are decorating a home for only female inhabitants does not mean that everything has to be decked out in pink, flowers, and lace. You may hate pink, and that is perfectly okay. Instead of thinking about how “girly” to make your “girl pad,” focus instead on how to make it the most “you” as possible.

Think about your bedroom for a moment. If you like pink and frilly – go for it! But maybe a sleek, modern bedroom with grey walls and primary color accents may be more you cup of tea. Or maybe you want your bedroom to follow the hot global eclectic trend with Aztec-inspired bedding. The most important part is not to pigeonhole yourself into one type of decor because there is no man in the house.  Let the design reflect your style.

2) Make sure every room as something that excites you.


There is something to be said for truly enjoying the place you live. The world is hectic, and your house gets to be your haven from it all – this is especially true of a “girl pad”. When coming up with the design for your home, make sure to implement ideas for each room that excite you.

For example, you can create a spa or relaxation zone in your bathroom. This bath caddy from Anthropologie offers the perfect spot to place your book, a candle, and hot cup of tea (or glass of wine!). Maybe you find the perfect vintage dining room table where you just can’t wait to throw dinner parties. Or maybe your bedroom has an office space that inspires you to create your best work.   Whatever it is for you, make sure you plan out aspects to your design that make you really happy.

3) The beauty is often found in the details.

(Atticus Canisters; Seaside Canisters; Farmhouse Canisters)

You will have plenty of fun picking out the perfect paint color, art, furniture, and flooring for your “girl pad,” but remember that the small details can bring just as much personality and style into your home. These are the aspects that turn an overall design into a special space that you use and live in every day.

These pictures are of three sets of simple 3-size kitchen canisters from Pier 1. They all serve the same purpose, but each reflects an entirely different style. One would fit well into a global style, another would accent a vintage/farmhouse style, and the other would be great for a coastal design.  Choosing these small details with care makes your “girl pad” design feel even better.

4) Focus on awesome mood lighting.

(Via: Allwomenstalk)
(Via: Allwomenstalk)

One of the coolest elements of any design is lighting. We often underestimate the power of light to change our moods or to set a certain feeling.  Being able to manipulate the lighting choices in your “girl pad” can turn a neat space into an awesome jealousy-worthy design.

These fantastic hanging lights combined with the brick wall and white bedding create an incredible, cozy place to hang out at night. A more industrialized lighting fixture could have easily ruined the vibe of this room.  These two large windows on each side of the bed will also create a lovely wash of natural light during the day. Focus on the mood you want to create in each room and find lighting to match.

A “girl pad” can display the dream of what your ideal space looks like, without needing to worry about the design needs of other people.  It will easily become the place all of your girlfriends want to come visit, so have fun designing this special place and make sure it reflects your personal style (or the style of a group of girlfriends).  Reach out to a designer if you want help getting it just right.

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