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Decorate your home for a relaxing staycation

Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
by Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
December 21, 2015

Maybe you don’t have time to travel this season, but there’s no reason you can’t conjure the same relaxation – without the stresses of busy airports, lost bags, and heavy traffic. By decorating your home to feel like your favorite vacation spot, you can feel like you’re back at your childhood holiday getaway, or on the best vacation you ever took. So wherever you wish you could celebrate the holidays, bring some of that magic into your home year round with these simple tips, and ask an InteriorCrowd expert designer for help. InteriorCrowd designers are fine-tuned in the art of helping homeowners make a space that makes them feel at peace.

Beach Vacation


Many people love the beach for its warm waters and shades of blue. While you can’t do much about the weather, you can draw plenty of inspiration from a beach getaway. Rather than go for a nautical theme that is out of place anywhere but a beach or boat, take inspiration from the seaside. Maybe display some driftwood you’ve collected on a mantle or dining room table. Use muted gray and blue tones in your house. 2016 Pantone’s colors of the year, a warm Rose Quartz and tranquil blue Serenity mimic a soft sunset over the water, if used correctly. Think in terms of adding to your current décor or painting your bathroom a new shade, rather than creating a beach theme throughout your home. This way, certain things will remind you of your special holiday, rather than creating a theme house.



A mountain home or a favorite lodge conjures up images of warm fireplaces, log cabins and deep plaids. While dark plaids look great around the holidays, they can be a bit much for year round. Instead, try using plaid in small ways. Rather than a full couch, use throw blankets and pillows in plaid prints that can be changed out for lighter colors in the warmer months and then go full rugged during the colder times of the year. Since scent is the greatest trigger for memories, use outdoorsy candles to draw in the sentiments of being out in nature.

Far Away Lands

Travel is a broadening experience, not just for the things you do and the people you meet, but for the tips you take back home. In some cultures, you don’t walk around the house with shoes, but leaving a pile of shoes by the front door is anything but inspirational. A shoe rack that doubles as a bench can add some visual interest and give guests a visual cue that shoes are to be left at the door. For a smaller touch of your adventures, wall hangings, tabletop décor and all kinds of easy-to-pack trinkets can be displayed on end tables or make for an interesting bookcase display.


If you were ever fortunate enough to indulge in a spa getaway, bring some of that back home. Bathrooms are great spaces to recreate spa vibes. Use scented candles, diffusers, thick towels and luxury fixtures to get that some feeling of indulgence.

Bringing home your favorite holiday getaway isn’t as outlandish or difficult as you might think. Just a small touch of another place can refresh your home and help you love it even more.

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Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
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