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4 Essentials to Creating a Beach-House Vibe

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
July 15, 2015

Open floor plans, high ceilings, and large windows – part of what makes Coastal design so unmistakableCoastalis the architecture behind it. Even if your house isn’t a Malibu Mansion, we can help you pick out a few ways to incorporate the casual, nautical designs into your space to create a comfortable, beach-house vibe.

Coastal life (or California Casual, aptly-named over here on the West Coast) is relaxed and mellow, so all your furnishings, textiles, and colors should reflect that. Cool blue, bright white, and relaxing beige can cover everything from floor to ceiling, mirroring the neighboring sandy beaches (or the waterfront you’re dreaming of).

1. Paint.

Bright white walls and ceilings reflect the sun’s rays and open up a room to mimic the outdoors, even if your room is without floor-to-ceiling windows. Wood floorboards painted white brighten up a room even more, but be prepared for an increased level of upkeep! White floorboards definitely make a room look like a bright beachfront patio, but it also shows all the sand and scuff marks.

2. Furniture.

Weathered wood tables and chairs hint at old docks and piers, sun-bleached and eroding from the waves. Thin, unobtrusive side tables, lamps, or bed frames allow the bigger furniture to be the room’s focus, and are kindred with delicate shells and coral on the beach and the glistening sun on the water. You can also find patterns that replicate nature, like the scallops on the Serena and Lily chandelier, to add delicate oceanside features.

(Sleek Dutch Chest; Jefferson Side Table; Capiz Scalloped Chandelier)

3. Fabrics.

Serena and Lily Fringed Stripe Throw

Any windows that are in the room should allow as much sunlight and vision of the outdoors as possible, so window coverings that are sheer, will allow maximum brightness. Using a heavy fabric will create a more wintery room, so linen and cotton are both great options for light, sunny fabrics that won’t weigh the room down. You can also cover sofas or beds with bright upholstery or linens, white or light blue are super fresh and summery, and cotton is a good option if you’ve often got sandy bodies running around.


4. Accessories.

Stripes representing oceanside trim cite back to nineteenth century France, when sailors first wore Breton stripes on the backs of their uniforms to distinguish them from the waves, and the pattern has been associated with nautical themes ever since. Incorporate horizontal or vertical stripes (navy, red, and cream for an über-americana accent) into pillows, upholstery, and curtains. Marine accessories like shells, driftwood, and pebbles, bring some of the beach right into your home by lining walls or being set on tables as centerpieces.

(Classic Stripe Pillow; Sanibel Coral Mirror; Witewashed Rattan Hurricane)


Feeling inspired? Our team of designers can help you turn your space into a seaside retreat. Head over to InteriorCrowd to get started!

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Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd

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