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Cool Indoor Benches to Maximize Seating Options

Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
by Carly Zinderman for InteriorCrowd
September 1, 2015

Tiny spaces come with big problems when it comes to entertaining. If your apartment is cozy, but you love to entertain, then your solution is in finding furniture that can multitask. For example check out some of these cool indoor benches that can act as storage solutions when you don’t have guests and double as extra seating when it comes time to host your next get together. From small to large, a bench can help open a small space and function as table, seat or storage, making it an essential if you’re a small space dweller.

Storage Bench

Wooden Storage Bench | Wayfair

A storage bench can come in handy in pretty much every room of your house. In the mudroom, it can store cleaning essentials like shoe scrubbers while also serving as a convenient place to sit down. In a kids’ room, it can hid jumbled toys and then be moved into a living room for extra seating when guests arrive. It can even be used as a file cabinet in a home office and then as seating for visiting clients or accountants. Or leave it in the living room, tucked under a corner and filled with blankets and then move it around the coffee table for extra seating when visitors come over.


Leather Bench

Monastery Leather Bench | One King’s Lane

A leather bench can add a touch of luxury in otherwise humble dwellings and is much more affordable than a leather couch or chair in the living room. It’s also much easier to fit into a small room. A leather bench can serve as a way to separate spaces in a loft or open space and then transform into comfortable seating for guests. A leather bench can even do double duty as an ottoman or coffee table when not in use as seating. A cute way to style a leather bench is by draping a blanket over part of it, to make it more cozy and appealing as a seating option.

Dining Bench

Apollo Dining Bench | CB2

If you need to fit a lot of people into a small space, then a dining bench, rather than chairs, is the way to go. Without all the legs that chair have, you can fit more people on a bench around your small table, even if it is a small kitchen table. Another benefit of using a dining bench is that it visually opens up a tiny space. Tucked under a table in a dining room when not in use, the area will appear larger than if high chair backs are blocking the view.

Corner Bench

Walker Corner Bench | Home Depot

Sometimes, every inch of space counts. A corner bench can fill in awkward corners that would otherwise be wasted. During a party, a corner bench can double as a conversation nook for your guests to sit and talk without having to stand up in high heels.

Modular Bench

Ryland Modular Banquette | Pottery Barn

When it comes to maximizing your seating options, a modular bench is the ultimate tool. No matter where you need extra seating, from creating a breakfast nook bench in the kitchen to filling in spot under the window in the living room, you can rearrange a modular bench to suit your needs.

Indoor benches maximize seating and can be all the furniture you need in an entryway or mudroom as they function as seating and storage all in one.

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