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Colorful Minimalism Inspiration

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
September 22, 2015

White is great. It’s a clean, classic, neutral, minimalistic color choice for design. But a room that is entirely white can get a little monotonous. When you look at minimalism design, you often see one thing repeated over and over: white.  Can there still be a little colorful pizazz found in minimalism? Absolutely!

If you are interested in bringing minimalistic design into your home, but you are concerned that it will come across as boring or too lackluster, do not be fooled into thinking that minimalism must be entirely white (or grey). You can focus on adding splashes of color throughout your design within the elements that you need. Afterall, minimalism simply means to pare down to design element necessities (goodbye clutter!). But minimalism does not ban you from making your space unique and even colorful.

Bring Color with Accent Furniture


When you choose furniture for minimalism design, function is an important thing to consider. You are creating a design that will never be full of many elements, so you want each piece you choose to really count. Adding one accent color with a chair in your living room can set off all the white and neutral tones. Or simple orange dining chairs can look great against white walls and a wooden table. When you do not clutter your space with so many different colorful elements, that one piece of furniture has the power to make a huge impact.

Bring Color with Plants and Flowers

Incorporating living plants into your space is always a good idea, but it is especially good when you want to add splashes of color.   A minimalist design need not shy away from a well-placed plant or even a lovely display of flowers. It is all about the delivery. You may not want a large old-fashioned bouquet simply because it will feel cluttered, but a centerpiece of succulents on your dining room table could be an attractive and colorful element.  Or maybe add three pink roses in a simple glass jar on your bathroom counter.

Bring Color with Sheets


A great minimal bedroom does not need to only have white bedding. A refreshing way to add color to your bed is to choose to keep the comforter or duvet white, but add your splash of color to the actual sheets. In the morning, when you fold over the top of the sheets, you will have your favorite color peaking through. Your pillowcases can match. In a way, this adds one “stripe” of color to your space.

Bring Color with Flooring

You do not always have to look around you to find color, sometimes the perfect place to add color is down at your feet. There is something to be said for amazing wood flooring. The warmth of the natural wood brought out by the right finish can add a strong sense of color variation to your design. Your kitchen can be a fabulous spot to include rich wood floors.  Rugs can add a vibrant color to your living room or bedroom.

Bring Color with Lighting


When you have a simple wooden desk or end table, a colorful lighting fixture can be the perfect accessory for a real pop.  This interesting table lamp from West Elm not only adds a unique lighting element, but it also adds a splash of blue to the table it sits upon. While it is great to incorporate this idea into desk lamps, it can also be utilized on a larger scale.  Think the main hanging light fixture.  That can make a considerable difference in feeling like your minimalistic design is not only white!

Do not forget that fantastic rich wood furniture can instantly add warmth and color to your minimalism as well! Hues of brown are gorgeous when paired with white. Minimalism can be a tricky design to get just right. A designer can help you find how just how many colorful elements you should include and exactly where to put them in your home.

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