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Coastal Design Ideas

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
September 2, 2015

At the beach, it goes like this: you are sitting on warm sand with a cold drink listening to the crash of waves while warm breeze flows across your body. For many people, that beach scene is, understandably, total and complete bliss. And why not bring bliss into the walls of your own home? Whether that home sits a quick walk away from the sand and waves, or it sits in an urban landlocked neighborhood, coastal decor is a beloved design style that can suit your home – a perfect a way to bring the beach inside.

Here are a few ways to bring coastal elements into any room of your home, reflecting that blissful place:

Focus on the Colors:

Coastal Stripe Duvet | West Elm

What makes coastal design “coastal?” Mainly the colors! When you sit on a beach and take in the sights – what do you see? Blues and greens and whites and browns. Even the sand is made up of grains ranging from clear to white to black to brown to orange, and they all combine into that ideal tan.

Bring these colors into your home or a specific room.  You can either saturate the space with these colors of the sea, or you can use a neutral white throughout the room with well-chosen blue, green, and tan accents.

Think Outside of the Box:

Image: Liz Marie Blog
Image: Liz Marie Blog

Just because you want to bring the beauty of the coast into your home does not mean you are confined to decorating with only shells, seahorses, and rope (though these can be great options too). You can capture the vibe, or the ambiance of the coastal design style and still avoid choosing commonly used items.

This living room does not have many quintessential or obvious coastal elements, but the style still feels coastal. The heavy use of white and natural light combined with the wicker baskets even the  throw pillows with quotes join to create the coastal vibe.

Look on Down:

Coastal Blue Stripe Rug | Pier 1
Coastal Blue Stripe Rug | Pier 1

The beauty of the beach may be found in its many details, but it is hard to ignore its magnificent focus: the actual water, something you have to look down to see. To mimic the effect of an ocean in your own space, focus on what is down on your floors.

A great rug can be an essential coastal decor element. Another nice option is reclaimed wooden floors in your kitchen, which imitate the floors of a fun coastal restaurant.

Embrace Nautical:

Striped Shower Curtain | West Elm
Striped Shower Curtain | West Elm

The nautical clothing trends have made a huge splash (pun completely intended!) recently in the fashion world. Utilize these same fashion concepts that you are wearing and transfer them into your home design.

White and navy stripes are a classic way to add a coastal feel and may be a great option for a bedroom duvet cover or a bathroom shower curtain. Choose gold accents to liven up your white furniture in your living room. Or add anchor decor throughout your home.

Combine Vintage:

Coastal Air Art | Pier 1
Coastal Air Art | Pier 1

Vintage elements tend to meld very nicely with a coastal design. The rustic look of vintage decor is remincent of the furniture you would often find in a little surf town on the coast, or in a lounge in the Hamptons. You can buy each of these pieces, or it may be a great opportunity to embrace your DIY skills.

Like these vintage shutters painted a cool shade of green/blue or an old side table sanded and painted white can both be interesting elements to add to your coastal design. If you can’t seem to find vintage pieces that naturally scream “coastal,” add elements that enhance the style. Maybe try replacing unfashionable drawer handles with a rope pulley.

Bring in the Mirrors:

Coastal Blue Striped Rug | Pier 1
Coastal Blue Striped Rug | Pier 1

If you want to bring the feel of the outdoor beach into interior rooms, you will want a lot of light.  A great method is to add mirrors; they reflect light and brighten up any room. This is especially true if your room is lacking many (or even any) windows. A hallway or a bathroom design may really benefit from this decor addition.

This rope mirror from Pier 1 is a perfect option. It is large enough to become a focal point and the rope surrounding the mirror brings a nautical touch to the wall.

It’s easy to see why so many people want to bring the ocean into their living spaces.  Try following these suggestions and then reach out to a designer to help you bring a unique coastal design to your own place.

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