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Caring for a Stark Modern Minimalist Home

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
August 31, 2015

Written by Zane Foley for InteriorCrowd

Inside of us all exists the primal instinct to surround ourselves in healthy spaces, spaces untouched by clutter and rusted paint to bring out the earthly tones that soothe our soul. We want something as slick and clean as our latest gadgets, our desks clear and free to inspire our ideas and our hard work. Designers and homeowners desire comfortable and minimalist designs at affordable prices, white kitchen counters and marble floors that stand out beautifully when accompanied by minimalist accessories and appliances.

Image: Homedit

However, within this minimalist attitude exists an obsession that can become detrimental to the designer’s initial goals. All in all we want to create a beautiful home that inspires us as well as operates as a space of relaxation. If our walls and furniture are not in line with our minimalist philosophy, our space becomes unhealthy and can even cause stress and frustration.

Whether you are moving into your first apartment, or have been a homeowner looking to renovate the living room, many people with a minimalist eye have an affinity for the color white. However, bringing too much white into the space can create a stark, cold ‘studio’ feeling, and prevent your house from feeling like a home. The question is, then, how to keep a clean, white home and include other tones to add some warmth?

The answer may seem simple enough:

Do not over-paint with white.

Image: FormConspiracy

White is by definition the wavelengths of visible light that breach the spectrum of the human eye. This explains our natural tendencies to regard white as the ‘super color’, when you do not know what color to paint, white is usually not a bad choice, but it can be overdone. The secret is a healthy balance of black and brown tones that help make the minimalist aspects of your home ‘pop out’.

What happens is as first time homeowners or its our first time being in control of the design features in our living spaces, people naturally want to impress friends and family with their ability to keep a clean home that facilities their lifestyle. Bottom line, nobody wants a dirty home, but there are secrets and helpful hints to ensuring your design features help keep it that way.  Have guests take off their shoes and wash their hands, white everywhere means dirt and debris can easily be noticed. A minimalist mindset is also a disciplined one.

Add minimalist accessories to ensure a congruent and consistent aura throughout your home. Looks for creative ways at low costs to help show to your guest who you are as a host. Grey tones and woodgrains help compliment your minimalist tendencies. Do not be afraid to experiment but do so with caution, the minimalist design requires strict guidelines.

Image: Duneha

Being a minimalist means little mistakes and high success, but that is easier said then done. Many of the photographs here feature homes without much on the walls. Mirrors, paintings, and photographs must carefully be kept to a minimum. It is important here to create wall space that avoids the bland and boring look of just moving in, and rather showcases your skills as a minimalist. Remember the task you have undergone is one of balance and projection, be careful when adding anything.

One thing to be sure to add: black lines.

Image: My Scandinavian Home

Black lines will compliment the contour associated with your minimalist home. If you are purchasing for your minimalist walls, purchase with this in mind. Hardwood floors can really  bring your home together, especially an apartment or smaller living spaces. Do not be afraid to express yourself with local art and bring in the natural light. White naturally reflects sunlight and heat and can become some of the most comfortable palettes for homeowners and designers alike.


Image: BoredPanda

Interior design in the minimalist home is where our organizational, clear cut mindsets really have an opportunity to shine. Take the CTline bookshelf designed by Victor Vasilev, from one particular angle the shelves appear as an art installation, when from another breathes as a beautiful book shelf, perfectly utilizing space while paying homage to the minimalist design. These strong lines bring out modern design, making your home look beautiful. Maximizing interior space is quintessential for the minimalist design. Suiters of these designs want to compartmentalize their belongings like the thoughts in their brain. Expect a challenging but rewarding journey ahead as a minimalist enthusiast.

Remember homeowners, first time apartment buyers, and interior designers, the minimalist design is a delicate matrimony between simplicity, modernity, and complexity. Even more delicate is your usage of white – do not over-paint with white.

Meet your desired minimalist design head out, have fun but take that serious attitude to the drawing boards, remembering to use black lines and woodgrains to complicate the white spaces surrounding your home.

It may be challenging at first, but the minimalist design requires an austere homage to maximizing your interior space. Have fun and consult a professional before building.

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