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How to Illuminate Your Space with Traditional and Classic Light Fixtures

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
August 6, 2015


Sometimes the only makeover our home needs is replacing those dulling lightbulbs and choosing a classic light décor. The right light can awaken vibrant colors, set the tone, and even make a room look

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bigger. Traditional light fixtures are timeless— adding a touch of elegance and vintage style to your home. From chandeliers and lanterns to hanging pendant lamps, these tasteful incorporations can balance a room and create a unified atmosphere.

Swing From the Chandelier

If you’re going to swing from the chandelier might as well make it a classy one. Chandeliers add a refined touch to any room as they reflect a traditional era; when crystals frosted the living rooms of high society. But in a world of urban chic—too much crystal can take the exquisite tone to an overdone tone very easily. Although a chandelier may be seemingly extravagant for exposed brick walls or rustic designs, if you use a wire base or iron framed style with minimal hanging pendants—it’s a great way to tone down the decor. To add subtle undertones and fine detail to your chandelier, try replacing a few of the dangling crystal pendants with a very light aqua sea blue — effect is wonderful for rooms with a lot of light.

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Taking it back to candle light

With the romanitc candle light glow of the 19th century, lanterns remind of us all of a simipler time. A large lantern over the dining room table, kitchen, or entry way can add a classic look that’s welcoming for spaces seen by guests. Open-bottomed lanterns will allow more light to shine through, which can make it a center piece for rooms with minimal lighting. Contemporary window paned lanterns can illumate a warm light that creates a comforting  feeling of home, without the mess of candlewax and flickering flames.


Traditional light with contemporary flare

For vintage-inspired interiors pendant lamps often reflect a 1920’s industrial look. Modern design has transformed these traditional fixtures into sleek and elegant pieces. With the same classic structures we are seeing hanging pendant lamps revamped with new hammered textures, brighter tones, and new material. Light gold copper has taken over the old copper penny color, which works well with heavily white decors, white marble, and medium brown wood in the kitchen.  On the other hand, silver brass material goes well with dark woods and natural or heavy toned backgrounds.

When hanging pendant lamps or any individual fixtures remember the Rule of Three, a principle of design that showcases how odd numbers create balance and symmetry by creating a focal point, creating a memorable and appealing space.


(LonnyAct II Pendant)

Keeping it lite

Bringing a room to life doesn’t have to turn your wallet inside out when recreating your living space is as simple as turning on a new light. Warm your spirits with the glow of an ageless and classic light fixture— a style that radiates an elegance of the past and revitalizes your entire home.




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