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Baby Trend: The Sophisticated Nursery

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
May 23, 2016

Time and time again parents would design and decorate a nursery for their baby that looked like… well, a baby. With pinks, blues, and yellows on the walls, duck or teddy bar wallpaper, and bright decor, nurseries are typically more cartoonish than sophisticated.

But these days some parents are realizing a simple truth: the baby does not notice or care about the wallpaper. The only people going into that nursery and paying attention to the vibe of the design are the parents.

What if we left the child-like decor choices to slightly older children? They can both appreciate and begin learning about design and decor once they start realizing they have taste and preference. Instead of creating a nursery decorated for the baby, the nursery can be decorated for mom or dad.

On top of having the simple enjoyment of stepping into a room you love each midnight feeding, these sophisticated nurseries are also extremely economical. A dresser designed for a nursery has an expiration date. Eventually your child will want something that doesn’t look so “babyish.” But if you focus on pieces and colors that can grow up with your child, you are making investments instead of quick purchases.

5 weeks and 4 days until this babes due date… Not that we’re counting or anything.

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If you are considering a sophisticated nursery for your baby-to-be, here are some elements to keep in mind during the design process:

  1. A Neutral Wall

A neutral wall is a great place to start. Most of these sophisticated nurseries are utilizing crisp and refreshing white wall, a trend popping up in all rooms of the home. This is a great clean canvas that you can use to create your sophisticated nursery.

  1. A Great Colorful Rug

One integral part of these non-traditional nurseries is a great patterned rug. Some are choosing a global Aztec print, others have more of a Persian carpet appeal. With light, neutral walls, this rug becomes a focal point in the room. And let’s be honest – mom and dad will enjoy it significantly more than a ducky rug.

  1. Some Statement Greenery

Greenery is often found in the living room or kitchen – but it can be lovely in the nursery as well. Since many plants can actually help clean and purify the air, they are not only a great aesthetic choice, but also a healthy choice for the baby.

  1. A Comfortable Chair For Mom And Dad

The nursery’s chair is one of the most importance purchases a mom or dad can make. This is the chair that you will rock that baby in night after night after night. Go for comfort. Oversized chairs can be a wonderful choice. Bringing in an ottoman for tired feet is also a good idea.

  1. Furniture To Grow Up With

Like we mentioned earilier, when you design a sophisticated nursery, you are bringing in pieces that do not have to be donated three years from now. A high quality wooden dresser can hold a baby’s clothes just as well as a niche dresser designed for a baby. Even if your child decides they do not want that furniture in the future, you could move it into a different room in the home.

  1. Simple White Sheets

White sheets are not only a more sophisticated choice, but they also make the most since around a baby prone to accidents. A non-toxic bleach can remove the stains time and time again without the worry of fading out a fish or heart print. Plus white is, once again, a nice visual look.

  1. Decor You Like

The decor in this sophisticated nursery should match your style. In no way does it have to be baby-like. Again, your baby will not notice the wall hanging above the dresser; only you will. If you like mid-century decor, bring it in! If you like vintage decor, bring it in! If you like classic decor, bring it on it!


The main point to a sophisticated nursery is this: make the nursery an extension of the home. Enjoy the space you love until your child is old enough to have fun making little decor decisions too. But until that point, why not surround your little one with fabulous style?

If you want to glam up your nursery, but find yourself too busy with your pregnancy, reach out to one of our professional designers with an affordable service. They can help you create that dreamy sophisticated nursery before the little one makes a debut. But if you are still interested in giving your nursery a more traditional feel, check out our guide to a gender-neutral nursery.


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