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8 Ways To Make Your Home Inspired by Hollywood Regency

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
March 10, 2016



Combine two of the most glamorous ideas of lifestyle and design and what do you get? Hollywood Regency. On one hand you have the glitz and glamour of Hollywood; on the other hand you have the elaborate and ornate style of Regency (think wealthy British style and architecture circa the 18th and 19th centuries).

Creating a room or an entire home in the Hollywood Regency style is not necessarily for the faint of heart, but nobody will ever condemn you for having a boring or unsurprising home. When done right, Hollywood Regency gives your house an eclectic mix of glam and opulence – perfect for entertaining guests and embracing your inner Hollywood.



  1. Find Items That Match. Then Choose The Opposite.

A hallmark of the Hollywood Regency style is its propensity for the eclectic. You will not be purchasing many “sets” of furniture or accessories.   The ideal is to find pieces that individually create this story of glitz and glamour that you want to tell and find ways to tie them together in your room. Since mixing and matching eclectic peces well can sometimes be the most difficult part of this design, hiring a professional designer could be a great idea.


  1. Gold. Then More Gold.

Gold accents are a staple with Hollywood Regency. From chandeliers to table lamps and chair legs to table top accessories, gold evokes ideas of the wealth of Hollywood and royalty.   Including a few gold elements into your design will instantly trigger this conceptual idea of Hollywood Regency. It is a great place to start.




  1. Black and White and Pops of Color All Over.

On the topic of color, Hollywood Regency falls into two extremes. Black and white is always a fabulous pairing for this design style; you will see a lot of these paired neutrals everywhere. But you will also see many bright jewel tones; they are a hallmark of Hollywood Regency as well. This is the time when you can pull out your majestic blue pillows or plumb armchair.


  1. Lacquer It Up.

Lacquered furniture is a fundamental element in most Hollywood Regency design. While you can find lacquered furniture through a retailer, this may be one of the easiest DIY moments in your switch to Hollywood Regency – from your kitchen barstools to your living room bookshelf.


  1. Say “Yes” To Velvet.

Velvet is a hot ticket item right now, and not only when it comes to your home. Fashion is quite friendly with velvet these days as well. This trend means you should be able to find some truly fantastic velvet pieces to add to your design. Velvet couches and tufted chairs, velvet pillows. Velvet anything. It is one of those fabrics that looks glam before it feels glam.


Slub Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Petite Sofa / West Elm

  1. Mirrors Are Not Only For Your Face.

Mirrors are a classic decision for the Hollywood Regency style, but think beyond the typical wall mirror (though they are great too). Mirrored furniture is the way to go. Tabletops are a great way to incorporate this style choice, but you can also think larger scale. Mirrored bed posts make quite the statement in your Hollywood bedroom.


  1. Embrace the Hollywood.

After all, Hollywood is in the name. Create glamorous star-studded moments in your design. It is okay to embrace the luxury.  One simple way to do that is to make a vanity area in your bathroom or bedroom.   There are few ways to feel more Hollywood and channel your inner movie star than a fabulous place to put on your makeup and do your hair.



  1. Embrace the Regency.

Ultimately, regency is about opulence. Chandeliers are perfect. Ornately designed picture frames or mirror frames or bedframes. Chairs with scrolled legs.  Sometimes people worry about ornate furniture, fearing that it will appear gaudy. That is where the eclectic mix of furniture benefits your style. Next to your simple lacquered furniture ornate objects can pop without feeling over the top.

But then again, over the top is one the reasons people choose this style.  Of course it can be tamed down to a calmer whisper of Hollywood Regency.  But you can also go full speed ahead.



Your Hollywood Regency design will bring a pop of personality to your home like few other design styles could. The best thing to remember is that simply because your design feels ornate and extravgent with all that glitz does not mean it actually has to cost an extravagant amount of money (of course it can if you want it to though.) Making in investment in a designer can actually save you money by using their expertise to pick out perfect bargain finds the first time. Plus, you will have a gorgeous space that you love – glizt and glam and all.

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