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8 Little Things That Make A Big, Beautiful Difference In Your Home

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
November 2, 2015

Sometimes we take the little things for granted not only in our lives, but also in our interior design. But this negatively affects our homes in two ways:

  1. We have either spent too much time, money, and energy designing or redesigning a beautiful home space to let the small things go by unnoticed.
  2. We do not have all the resources to completely design or redesign a beautiful home space, and we forget that the small things can have a huge impact.

Any fabulous home designer, like our group of designers at InteriorCrowd, will tell you that we cannot forget that small things can make a big, beautiful difference in our homes.

Here are eight little things that should not be taken for granted.  If you are limited in your resources, don’t forget that these items (all of which are inexpensive) can only increase style in your home. Of course, the list of little things is endless and can be personalized for you, but this is a great place to start!

  • Beautiful books

There is something nostalgic and classic about beautiful books being displayed in a home. The library was the center of elegant home design for many centuries, and, in many ways, that appreciation lingers. Whether on a bookshelf, arranged on a coffee table, or displayed in your own library, owning and showcasing beautiful books still makes your home seem that much more graceful.

Tip: If the books you own do not necessarily “look” aesthetically pleasing, try arranging them by color to add an interesting visual appeal.  For more inspiration, click here for creative library design ideas!

  • Living Houseplants
Granada Slipcovered Pendant | Room and Board

There is a reason that so many design magazines and online stores set up their design displays with a houseplant. Living, breathing things automatically make your home feel more alive. Plants are capable of blending in to any design style, and some can even bring health benefits.

Tip: Do not shy away from a houseplant because you don’t think you have a green thumb. There are plenty of low-maintenance options that are easy to care for.  Click here for a few great options!

  • Great dinnerware
Stratford Dinner Plate | Anthropologie Home

When we spend so much time choosing cabinetry, appliances, paint color, and a dinner table, it makes sense to pay close attention to the dinnerware.  Something as small and ordinary as a plate can actually have a great impact on the aesthetic of your design. This is especially true of any lovely open-shelving kitchen design.

Tip: Don’t think that expensive china is the only great dinnerware. It is more about design and style than it is about dollars spent.

  • Classy Wine bottles

You probably have wine bottles around your home for drinking, or at least for cooking. Displaying the nicest looking bottles is a simple way to add an instant beautiful touch. From a minimalist to coastal, from mid-century modern to rustic elegance – wine always goes.

Tip: If you are not a big wine drinker, you can display empty, used bottles in your wine rack so it does not look sparse.

  • Lovely containers
Kitchen Soaps | CB2

Whether it be in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, having your products in beautiful containers will enhance your design choices. An ad-covered plastic bottle that your product comes can be an eyesore. You can either choose to buy products with pretty packaging from the beginning, or you can save money and reuse glass or even vintage containers that match your style.

Tip: Make sure there are no negative interactions with your product and the element of the container you transfer it into. A simple Google search should tell you!

  • Under-cabinet Lighting

When under-cabinet lighting lights up a kitchen’s cabinets and countertops, the room’s style statement is heightened tremendously. The visual statement that a few under-cabinet lights make is worth the small investment. If you are designing a home, talk with a designer about incorporating these lights while the cabinets are being installed.

Tip: While you probably have enough lighting to cook and clean with the ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights will give you better lighting with fewer shadows to cook your fine meals.

  • Cozy Blankets
Steven Alan Throw | West Elm

For having such a practical purpose, throw blankets can actually offer so much in the realm of aesthetics. As beloved as that old blanket may be, you may want to consider finding an equally cozy, but more visually pleasing addition to your decor. There are many cozy options that still add a stylish statement when draped over your couch or bed.

Tip: If you purchase throw blankets make of materials that can easily and safely be washed, the longevity of your purchase will increase – especially if kids are around.

  • Multi-use Bench

With one bench, you can have endless options! A bench can offer seating and storage as well as a great design element. You can buy a high-end bench from a furniture retailer, or you can search out a vintage treasure online or at a garage sale. If you choose or create a bench that works in any room of your house, you can utilize it endlessly.

Tip: Have a bench that is light enough to be moved easily. When company comes over and you need seating in a particular place, you will be grateful.

They may say that the devil is in the details, but when it comes to your home, beauty is definitely what you can find in the details! When you reach out to a designer about helping you design and decorate your home, discuss the small things that you would like to add as well.  What are some of the small things in your home either need improvement or make a big, beautiful difference?  Let us know!

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