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8 Home Decor Ideas for Winter Other Than a Tree

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
December 1, 2015

When we think of decorating our homes during the winter months, our minds typically go the holidays: trees and stockings, angels and holly, Santa blankets and mistletoe, or menorahs and stars. These decorations hold some of our most fabulous and treasured winter memories, turning our homes into a holiday wonderland for a few special weeks.

But there are plenty of other ways to add cool design elements and decor to your home over the winter months that do not involve trimming a tree. These ideas can be in addition to a wonderfully holiday-decorated house, or they can stand on their own. Bonus: none of these ideas have to be taken down after New Year’s Day!

Our designers at InteriorCrowd want your homes to feel warm and cozy this winter. Here are eight ideas to get you inspired if you want to spruce up your home design for winter:

  1. Create a Coffee/Tea Station

Nothing says cozy winter more than a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Put all your coffee-making items in one cute section in your kitchen counter or on a separate cart or table near the kitchen or dining room. This coffee bar will be a fun place for you to warm up each day and a fabulous place for your guests to make a warm cup of goodness.

  1. Highlight Your Fireplace


Since you, your family, and your guests will be curling up around the fireplace for the next few months, highlight it as the focal point of your living space. Finish that sanding/painting project. Bring in old-fashioned fire tools. Turn your chairs to face the warm flames. Bonus tip: if you live in a place that is too warm to need an actual fire, a stack of firewood inside the fireplace can still give you that cozy effect.

  1. Get Creative With Firewood

With reclaimed wood still being all the rage, it is safe to say that imperfect wood is a hot design element, even when you are talking about regular ol’ firewood. Whether you store it in a box next to your fireplace or find a creative way stack it, displaying your firewood is a simple and functional way to add some winter charm into your home.

  1. Revamp Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are special because they are entirely customizable and unique. They represent you on a larger scale than any one piece could ever do. Why not revamp your gallery wall a little for the winter months? You could include photos of your family in the snow, hand-lettered snow or winter quotes, or fine art that reminds you of the beauty of wintertime.

  1. Hang Sparkly Lights Anywhere


The magic of sparkly lights does not only need to be on a tree or around the outside trim of your house. There is something special about sitting inside and seeing a night sky through the window juxtaposed with the twinkly star-like lights on the inside. Plus, extra lights help brighten up your space with the shorter sunshine time.

  1. Think Cozy Sweaters

We are a sweater-crazed generation of people, and understandably so. What’s not to love about the warm, comfy fabric? Bringing that sweater inspiration into your home can be a cozy way to stay warm when it is cold outside. Try a blankets, pillows, or bedding with the cozy sweater material. You can never have too many blankets!

  1. Avoid Weather Messes


A boot and umbrella tray can be the perfect way to save your flooring from the mud and snow of the wintery weather. A trendy wooden tray like this one is a stylish addition to your foyer as well. If you are hosting guests this winter, a place to store snow boots is a must.

  1. Bring in the Wildlife

Teapot | Anthropologie

…or at least bring in replicas of wildlife! The wildlife trend is huge right now in design. You can find squirrels, rabbits, fox, and owls just about anywhere. While these wildlife decor options can be great all year round, animal replicas look especially at home during the wintertime.

Transforming our homes into little winter havens does not have to only come from holiday decor (though it is entirely wonderful too!). It is fun to get creative and give the homes we see everyday a seasonal makeover. Whatever you choose to do with your home design this winter, may it be a cozy one filled with lovely new memories!  If you are undertaking any home project for winter, and you need some expertise, hiring one of our InteriorCrowd designers is a helpful and affordable choice.

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