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7 Tips To Make Your Bedroom A Happy Place To Wake Up

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
November 4, 2015

Whether you are a morning person or you need gallons of coffee and lots of personal space in the AM, our bedrooms can either help or hinder our happiness when we wake up. This is the room where we start each of our days, so it makes sense to design a space that brings a smile to our face as soon as we open our eyes.

In order to start your day off right, here are 7 tips to make sure your bedroom is a happy place to wake up:

  • Choose A Design That Matches Your Personality

Here’s the deal: many rooms in your homes are designed with other people in mind, but your bedroom is your spot!   Planning a dining room design or choosing living room furniture are done with guests in mind. When it comes to your bedroom, you (and your partner, if you have one) are the only person who matters. So create a space that is exactly what you want it to be.

Even if the rest of your home is traditional, eclectic, or maybe minimalist, but you like waking up to a vintage vibe, go for it! Or maybe the rest of your come his colorful, but you want to try the dark bedroom trend with black wall paint. This is the place where you rest and recharge; it should also be the place where you feel most comfortable!

  • Display Your Favorite Memories

Since your bedroom is your personal space, you should also be intentional about adding personal items, family/friend photos, or artwork that means something special to you.  These can also create a boost of happiness in the moorings.

Waking up to these beloved items brings a feeling of calm, ease, and joy. Surround yourself by only the best of things, and you will be starting your day off right.

  • Put Your Bed Where You Can See the Light (…when you want to!)
Drommem Bed | CB2

Most people prefer to sleep in a pitch-black space, and that makes perfect sense for a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. But when it comes to happily waking up, some natural light can instantly bring cheer in your bedroom.

Place your bed where you can see outside the window or at least soak up some natural light when you wake up. Curtains that are easily opened or blinds that do not hide too much of the view are great options for a bedroom. Then when it is time for more shut eye, you can close them and go back to a darkened space.

  • Add Other Interesting Light Sources
Via: 79 Ideas

If waking up to the sunshine is not your thing, or if you want even more light, try to find interesting sources of extra light in your bedroom. Light is an instant mood booster and will help you have that early morning happiness.

Lanterns or strings of lights by your bed are a fun bohemian touch. Sconces can be an elegant element, or even fun table lamps with a soft light can help you ease into your morning.  Instead of a standard bulb ceiling light, a designer could help you pick out the perfect interesting fixture for your ceiling!

  • Keep It As Cozy As Possible

Nobody likes going from cozy sleep to a stark wakeup. Creating a cozy vibe that allows for a more gentle morning will start you off in a better mood. On a weekday, it can seemed rushed, but the weekends offer you extra time to cozy up!

Have extra pillows and blankets at your disposal. Put out candles and keep a lighter nearby. Have access to some soft music. Even if you only rest in bed for five extra minutes after you wake up, make them count!

  • Have Ample Storage Everywhere You Can
Mid-Century Nightstand | West Elm

After waking up, (whether it be the most peaceful sleep or the most fitful), the last thing you will want to see is a mess. There are no warm, happy feelings with piles of clothes littered everywhere and junk all over your dresser.

When you have many storage options that are easy to access, you will be more likely to put things away before bed even when you are sleepy.  Specifically choosing furniture with added storage, like this mid-century end table with two drawers, can help you keep the mess away more easily.

  • Remove Your Electronics

Most of us are all a little too attached to our electronics. Our entire days will be filled with phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs. It’s best to leave all those devices for the rest of your day, and not include them in your immediate wake-up time. (Studies also show that removing your electronics can help you get a better night’s sleep, so it is a win/win).

Keep your wake up time for simple pleasures. Maybe even relax in the stillness and quiet for a bit. Or pick up an actual book. Watch what is going on outside of our bedroom window. There are plenty of things to do that do not include apps and wi-fi.

Remember that a designer can offer valuable help when designing each room of your house, including your bedroom. A designer can help you pick out the right inspirational paint colors, choose the ideal furniture, and aid you in creating a happy place to wake up to! Our designers at InteriorCrowd want you to know it does not have to cost a fortune to utilize the expertise of a designer in creating an amazing bedroom space that you love!

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