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7 Things Small Office Spaces Need To Consider That Big Spaces Don’t

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
May 31, 2016

When it comes to small spaces, design really matters. To make an impeccable small office space for your company, you are going to need to make some design considerations that a large, sprawling office wouldn’t have to consider in the same way. But don’t think that will make your spot any less fabulous. Your small office space will foster the environment of community and working together for the greater purpose.

While there are many benefits to a small office, we know preventing it from feeling too claustrophobic, unorganized, or cluttered can be tricky. So we have gathered a list of five things to consider:


  1. Choosing Precise Placement


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Placing your furniture and individual workspaces into a small office requires some forethought. What is the daily flow in the life of your office? What’s the one space everyone repeatedly goes to throughout the day? Make it accessible and keep it uncluttered. Who is the go-to manager? Are they in the middle of the office or squished in a corner that makes it hard to interact? The more you make thoughtful placement choices, the more space you will give your office.


  1. Creating Organizational Efficiency


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Storage can be one of the hardest parts of a small space. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind:

  • Choose double-duty items: Look for furniture that serves its original purpose, but also offers extra storage. Many desks fit into this category.
  • Utilize vertical space: To keep the floors and desks as clear as possible, try moving your storage options to the wall. If you choose the right elements, these can not only minimize the clutter, but also be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ask yourself what you really need: With the heart of an essentialist, think about if certain objects are really necessary for day-to-day working, or if they just take up space. Toss everything that isn’t vital.


  1. Capitalizing On Open Environments

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Luckily for small office spaces, the trend of open environments will work in your benefit. The last thing you want to do is to create a space that feels claustrophobic. It is important to allow the space to breathe and be a comfortable place for all day work.

Consider ditching the cubicles altogether and create private desk spaces that are a part of an open, community environment. This will encourage social exchanges and collaboration, while still providing private desk spaces for those who work better on their own.


  1. Defining Your Brand With Fewer Opportunities

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The goal in small office design is this: make it count. If you receive customers, investors, partners, etc. in your small office space, you have far fewer opportunities to visually tell them who you are as a brand and a business.

This means each chair you choose, each item you put on the wall, each way you organize the seating arrangements will have a great impact on how people perceive your business. The stakes are higher with fewer opportunities to show your brand’s style. This means it’s a great opportunity to get help from a professional designer. They can make the few design choices you do have transform your space beautifully.


  1. Offering Employee Spaces With Little Space

Employee Space

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Sure, giant companies may offer their employees nap rooms, lounges, and game areas. Simply because your office’s size will not accommodate those ideas doesn’t mean you cannot focus on employee satisfaction in your office.

Maybe you cannot provide a large coffee bar and lounge area, but you can invest in the best compact espresso machine you can find with a single comfortable chair for a rest break. Perhaps you can create a smaller community desk in the corner of the space for collaboration (even a repurposed dining table could work well.)

Another idea is to offer these benefits outside of the actual office. Maybe you could offer free gym memberships to the gym next door. Try choosing an office location with many coffee shops and restaurants nearby and speak to the owners of these eateries to see about a discount for your employees since they will undoubtedly be frequent guests.

If you are in the process of planning out and designing your small office space, reach out to one of our professional designers who can guide you through the process and bring fresh ideas on how best to create an office with huge potential in a tiny space.

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