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7 Rocking Chairs For Anyone in Any Room

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
October 15, 2015

When people think of rocking chairs, two things typically come to their minds: older people reading books or practicing cross-stitch and nursing mothers trying to rock their little babies to sleep. Both of these are beautiful scenes to be sure (unless its 2am and the mother is entirely exhausted and desperately trying to get the baby to sleep!), but the rocking chairs can actually be a great addition to any room in anyone’s home.

There is something truly comforting about that steady back and forth motion- it is why we gravitate to hammocks and the waves of the ocean. We may all be grownups here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to be rocked a bit too!

Here are seven examples that prove rocking chairs can be stylish, fit into any design, and a provide a great addition to your living room, bedroom, or office (or nursery, of course!).

High Back Rocking Chair

(High Back Rocking Chair | West Elm)

With its grey linen and solid oak frame, this rocking chair from West Elm is inspired by the exceedingly popular mid-century modern design. This rocker could be a great choice for an office. It’s stately, but still comfortable.

Bailey Rocking Chair

(Bailey Rocking Chair | Dot & Bo)
(Bailey Rocking Chair | Dot & Bo)

A rocking chair does not need legs and arms to be marvelous! This reclining rocking chair from Dot & Bo would be a lovely addition to a global eclectic design. The natural rattan and its innovative design bestow a bohemian charm.

Risom Rocker

(Risom Rocker | Design Within Reach)
(Risom Rocker | Design Within Reach)

This classic rocking chair from Design Within Reach is a modern take on a traditional rocking chair with its nine-button tufted back. It is available in many rich colors to coordinate with any color palette.

Rocking Chair in White

(Mid-Century Rocker | HD Buttercup)

If you want to be a little eccentric with your rocking chair, why not go with a white fiberglass seat with stainless steel and wood finishes? This rocking chair from HD Buttercup would make the perfect unique statement in your room.

Jeremiah Fabric Back

(Jeremiah Rocking Chair | Crate and Barrel)
(Jeremiah Rocking Chair | Crate and Barrel)

A great fabric should never be underestimated.  The abstract pattern of this wooden rocker from Crate and Barrel would be wonderful in any global eclectic design. The matching throw pillow can stay on the rocker or be used on another chair or couch in your home.

Duel Rocking Chair

(Duel Rocking Chair | Anthropologie)
(Duel Rocking Chair | Anthropologie)

If you and a friend or you and your partner want to rock together, look no further than this duel rocking chair from Anthropologie. It was created for indoor and outdoor use, so it could be a nice choice for the patio as well.

Union Red Rocking Chair

(Union Rocking Chair | Crate and Barrel)

If you’re going for a traditional Americana design, this bright red rocking chair from Crate and Barrel is a fantastic choice.  It is simple, but still special with its curved spindle back and saddle seat.  This chair is great for a dining room – indoor or outdoor!

The important point here is not to get caught up in the stereotypes of any piece of furniture, decor, or art that you place in your home. Buy what you love. Then you will be able to reinvent its meaning and purpose for your personal design. A rocking chair does not have to belong in an assisted living home or a nursery (though they are great there too!).  A modern office or stylish living room can also house them beautifully!

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