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6 Elements To Incorporate in Your Rustic Elegant Bedroom

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
November 9, 2015

Two very different design styles made a baby, a very beautiful baby, and created the popular “Rustic Elegance” trend. Think if it as the best of both worlds. On one hand you have rustic design: a woodsy, country-esque, earthy, and rough around the edges sort of design. On the other you have elegance: a royal, classy, ornate, and traditional sort of design.

While your entire house could be charmed by this lovely blend – your bedroom is a perfect canvas for all those rustic elements to join with all those elegant elements.  You get to cozy up with the rustic, and feel luxurious with the elegance.

If you want to have your own rustic elegant bedroom, our InteriorCrowd designers want to help you out! Here are six elements you should think about incorporating to blend rustic charm with elegant style!

Fabulous lighting – Chandelier, anyone?

Via: Messagenote
Via: Messagenote

Let’s start with the elegant. There is something magical about a great chandelier. But it becomes even more magical when that chandelier is not just hanging in a grand foyer, but right above your bed!  The place you sleep instantly becomes that much more special.

A chandelier in a small bedroom may seem over the top in some situations, but when it is balanced by all your rustic elements, it is simply glorious.  An antique/vintage chandelier can be perfect.

Reclaimed wood – Hello, lovely headboard!

Now let’s head over to rustic. Possibly nothing screams “rustic” like reclaimed wood does. We are talking about grungy wood, the kinds that people have been (crazily) throwing away for centuries, with imperfections and unique charm.  Turns out that imperfect wood can make the perfect design element!

While reclaimed wood headboards are quite the hit, there is no need to stop there. You can cover an entire wall in this fantastic wood or use it to create unique doorframes. If you are really handy, you can even turn it into furniture: bookshelf, end tables, bedframe, etc.

Muted colors – Cool, calm, and classy!

Muted colors are great for both the rustic and elegant styles, so they tie to two together nicely! Think farmhouse meets drawing room. The point here is not for your colors to be “loud;” they are supposed to be sophisticated, simple, warm all at the same time.

Cream, ivory, or white shades are fantastic choices. Browns and greys are lovely too. You can still add accent colors, but be considerate. A mellowed-out turquoise, a creamy pink, or a rich burgundy can be really nice pops of color.

Royal linens – A bed fit for a queen?

Via: VintageWhite's Blog
Via: VintageWhite

Lots of blankets, cushions, and pillows will instantly add an air of elegance to your bedroom.  Think royalty here.  Even if you are on a massive budget, you do not need to skimp on the luxurious linens when it comes to your rustic elegant bedroom!

Even tufted or fuzzy blankets can add a great charm. Lacey linens can be a perfect addition too. If you are more a fan of simple bedding, just remember to add in lots of elegant, plush throw pillows.

Earthy Plants – Bring the rustic outside in!

Via: Karen RosenlundVia: Karen Via: Karen Rosenlund

When you think “rustic” you naturally start thinking of words like rural or countryside. And these thoughts are directly connected with nature: plants! Houseplants may typically be found in shared, community rooms like the kitchen or living room, but adding a plant in your bedroom instantly increases the rustic appeal.

Think “rural” when you find your rustic houseplant. Carnations are not necessarily the goal here. Simple greenery is nice. Even twigs or wildflowers can be cool alternatives.  You want to bring the rustic outdoors in.

Ornate details – No such thing as gaudy (well, maybe!)

Adding ornate details to your rustic elegant bedroom is the perfect way to finish it off in style. You can incorporate this many ways: a mirror frame with scrolls, crown molding, stately table lamps, detailed table legs, a fireplace mantle, picture frames, classic art, etc.

The trick is to find a only couple incredible ways to fit in ornate elements, but not to overdo it. You still want the simplicity of the rustic style to shine through too!  It really is about finding a lovely balance.

A rustic elegant bedroom may be one of the most coziest and plushest places to get your sleep. Hiring a designer to help you perfect the balance of rustic charm and elegant class can be a great idea. They will know how to mix these two styles and then blend it into your own personality and quirks.

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